Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Amniocentesis. A-M-N-I-O-C...

Well, I thought Eric and I would take turns writing posts, but clearly I have more to say (or maybe to complain about, depending on the day) than Eric.  That really shouldn't surprise me.  It's kind of a theme in our relationship.

Today we had our first prenatal appointment.  We met our doctor and she's awesome.  She even tolerated my entire page full of questions I had written out last night.  When do we get our first ultrasound? When can we find out if it's a boy or a girl? What happens if I go into labor and you are out of town? Will our baby have diabetes? Will our baby have crooked pinkies? What does amniocentesis mean? How do you spell amniocentesis? 

Okay so some of those I didn't actually ask, but I wanted to!  I did find out some wonderful news that I am supposed to avoid most chemicals found in cleaning supplies if I'm not in a well-ventilated room.  You know what that means?  Eric just got promoted to Official Bathroom Cleaner for the next eight months!  Hooray!

The doctor also told me that my cervix looked "very pregnant" which I can only assume is a good thing seeing as I am pregnant.  So there you go.

Next on the agenda, for all you structured folks like me out there who like to know what to expect, are the following events in random order:

- Our first photo opp. The scheduling of this is dependent on how soon I can sweet talk Dr. Uncle into sneaking me into one of his baby picture room thingies.  (Can you tell by that articulate description that I came away from our first prenatal appointment with a brilliant grasp on all things pregnancy related?)

- Our first panic attack. This is an unscheduled event to take place upon the realization that, "Surprise! We're having an actual human being in t-minus however many weeks" and "Surprise! We have to figure out how to keep that thing alive...all by ourselves!"

- Our first hormonal meltdown.  Oh wait, that already happened.  (See previous blog entry.)

- Our first fight about the name of our child. Oh wait, that already happened, too.  No, Eric, remember my rule?  No baby names that you say in a Tony Danza voice.  Which rules out all names from Who's the Boss characters. Samanthuh. Angeluh. Monuh.   NO.

- Our first trip to Babies R Overwhelming to register for the truck load of baby STUFF that we'll soon be wading through asking each other, "Have you seen the dog?"

- Our first big question answered. Yes, we are finding out. Yes, we will tell you.  No, we don't think it will ruin the surprise.  Boy or Girl? Anyone have a vote?

Well, that's all I've got for now.  I'm sure there will be plenty more to come.  Until then, say a little prayer for our little blueberry who's growing up so fast and making us parents grow up fast, too!  


Jessica Kahler said...

good thing i love blueberries.

Carol, Genny, Lucy, and Oliver said...

the best thing about is that you will continue to have a fruit or veggie to compare your fetus to! my friend almost made me a book of them when I was pregnant with lucy because that is how I kept referring to it in my updates to friends. i find it very helpful! and my vote is girl. I want it to be a boy so oliver can have a friend, but a wife works too i guess!

Dave said...

Listen, it's a dirty little secret kept hidden by the powerful baby accessories cartels, but kids are pretty resourceful. Do what my parents did: by the largest bag of oats you can find as soon as the kid switches to solid foods (cat milk is a cheap alternative until then), build it a lean-to in the yard, and buy some sturdy nylon cord to keep it from wandering off and lessening the chances you'll have to buy it back from Gypsies. This may sound like a harsh way to raise a child, but it's actually kind of extravagant: Until the industrial revolution, most children subsisted on newspaper and laudanum.