Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Baby Kautzi = Good Luck

Let me clarify two things before I go any further. One, I do not believe in luck. In any capacity. Two, I am admittedly a fair-weather Royals fan. I'll root for them when they play thirty out of the other thirty-one teams, but like most of my family who lived on or near the South side of Chicago, I grew up watching the White Sox. That is, when they played the Royals because, until recently, WGN mostly covered the Cubs. Phooey. Needless to say, the weather is fair this season. Fairer than I can ever remember, since I was two when the Royals won the series.

So Tuesday night my parents took Kelsey and I to Kauffman for the baby's first game. It was the first time I've ever gone to a Royals vs Sox game wearing blue instead of black, but don't dwell on that too long. Fair-weather, right here. Sue me. The combination of the misty rain and the lack of Greinke on the mound subdued the crowd a little, but seeing the new improvements almost made it worth the construction-zone K of last season. Actually, the "New K" is pretty cool, even though it looks like the Old K with some new bars and seats where the grass used to grow. Still, the highlight of the night was the sweaty rotund kid dancing semi-seductively on the Jumbotron to the delight of 14,000 fans. Dance on, kid. Shake that belly all night long.

Back to my original point (get used to digression). In April two things happened: The Royals started their most promising season in over two decades and the aforementioned Awesome Kid started to grow. Then, last night, said Awesome Kid was in attendence and the Royals twice came back from four run deficits, tied the game at seven, and fought through two extra innings to see John Buck hit a walk-off RBI single in the bottom of the eleventh. Coincidence? Perhaps. But I'm holding on to the notion that our baby is responsible. Just try and prove he/she isn't. I'm telling you, this kid is good luck. Or maybe, unlike it's father, there's just a real Royals fan in there. C'est la vie.

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Dave said...

I say start putting the "good luck charm" burden on the kid ASAP. It'll probably be best served if you keep it mainly to acting as a sports-affecting totem, as far as the chances for seeing a return on your unreasonable expectations. In my experience, the vagaries of arbitrage and intricacies of short-selling are baffling to children under the age of 9, and make the chances of a Gordon Gecko-esque child pretty slim. By concentrating mostly on professional sports (following younger prospects will only break your heart), it'll surely result in a child who wants desperately to please you, and will forever chase the $9 beer at the end of its figurative stick. Worst-case scenario: your baby grows up into Jimmy the Greek. Best-case scenario: Jimmy the Greek, but without all the racist tendencies (that'll be thanks to your responsible parenting) . Come on, you two. You could always use a new pair of shoes.