Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's all happening.

We're pregnant. Fo real. Yes, I'm stating quite the obvious, but the truth is growing more and more evident every day. Take this weekend; up until recently our Saturdays consisted of going running, satiating our obsession with mid-century furniture at local antique stores, taking the dog to the park, spending the night out with friends. Last night, however, we rented a movie and sat on the couch. More specifically, we rented Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Do not judge us.

Then today my awesome wife had a bit of a setback. More specifically, she had a setback all over the passenger seat of my car. And in the parking lot of a post office. The woman who was watering her flowers across the street stared unapologetically and the man exiting the office next door told me we were blocking traffic, which was neither true nor appreciated by my vomiting wife.

I always found it odd when people referred to couples as being pregnant. It seemed wrong on principle, at least biologically. And while I'd never claim to understand the discomfort, the nausea, the sheer pain that accompanies having to drink gallons of water without peeing before a sonogram, I'm starting to get why people bandy that phrase about with such little reservation. Cause I may not be carrying that little lime-sized kid around in my belly and enduring the nausea that comes along with it, but this whole pregnancy thing demands a strong team effort, and I'm all in. Believe what I am talking- once you see that tiny fuzzy gray mass move around and hear its beating heart, it's all over. You can't be anything but all in.

So our first sonogram was the most surreal experience of my life. I've seen photos of other sonograms around nine weeks, but I mostly remember barely-distinguishable features that sort of vaguely looked like they might belong to a tiny shrimp-like human thing. Not so with Short Round. We saw a head. We saw a foot. We saw an arm and umbilical cord and placenta and everything. And, I contend, Short Round waved at us. The ultrasound tech said it was just involuntary movement, but I know better. That kids was saying, "Hey mom. Hey dad. Look how awesome I am." I could have watched that for hours.

So there you have it. Proof that there's actually a little person inside Kelsey. We'll get pictures up later this week so you all can revel in the joy that modern technology has afforded us. Shazaam.


Chuck said...

I find myself always saying "we" when referring to the pregnancy - I don't want to insinuate that I experienced half as much as J but it really was us being pregnant.

And I think that's a great thing.

There wasn't any vomiting in my experience, but Jos has made up for it more than enough since then!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am so happy to finally hear from you again. I have been looking daily for a new post from one of you!! I am so sorry Kelsey is getting so sick. I of course did not experience that sickness, pain or really cravings for that matter. I pray for you "three"!! much Love, K

Seeca said...

Hi Kelsey and Eric! First of all, Congratulations! This is really exciting. I'm so glad that you two are really living into everything that comes along with being pregnant. You're going to be fantastic parents. Hang in there Kelsey! You'll feel better soon!


Jessica Kahler said...

poor little sister. good thing you have a good little husband and a lime for a baby. limes are the best you know.

Anonymous said...

i threw up hundreds of times for your little life, once an entire plate of undigested spaghetti and you were worth it.
also i am so excited to be a grandma that i am beginning to "show"
grandma kahler