Friday, July 31, 2009

And the winner is...

WARNING: The following post may (and does) contain spoilers!

We had an awesome last hurrah, baby-free, vacation last week. We spent the first three days visiting our dear friends Jenny and Brian in LA who were, by the way, the best hosts EVER. They drove us around the insanity that is LA, acted as our own personal tour guides, housed us for free in their cool-guy apartment (which had four pools, an on-site restaurant, and was a quarter mile from the beach) and they even forced us to sleep in their bed while they slept on the floor (which I would have fought tooth and nail against except that I'm really fat and pregnant and they so would have won that battle). Then we drove up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco and spent two days exploring the sights (Fisherman's Warf, Union Square, the Golden Gate Bridge and, of course, the Full House house). I think we would have been super bummed to come home from our awesome vacation if the next day hadn't been THE day. That's right. Thursday.

Ah, Thursday. Ultrasound Day! Or, as my cousin wished me via text, "Happy Finding Out the Sex of Your Baby Day!" It's also, "Let's Make Sure Your Baby Has All the Vital Organs It Needs to Survive Day," but that's a mouthful. The sonogram tech poked around my belly and identified the heart (four chambers, good), the upper lip (no cleft lip, good), the abdomen (all the right parts there, good), and the other organs which all looked, well good. All of this is according to the tech and, to be honest, to me it all looked pretty much like a fuzzy blur with some vague resemblances to humanish characteristics, so I'm gonna take her word for it.

Then, she asked us if we'd like to know the sex of the baby. To which we said, "Sure ya-betcha." So she poked around a little more before saying..."You have a baby girl!" And I cried. And then I felt a twinge of guilt for being more excited about the fact that she's a girl than the fact that she has all the right organs. I'm a novice, okay? I'll get better, I promise.

The thing is, somehow the "realness" of this whole baby-growing thing became more intense. We no longer had an "it" in my belly, we had a "she." We have a daughter. My parents will have a granddaughter. My sister will have a niece. Isn't that CRAZY?!

So there you go, folks. I know you've been waiting with bated breath, checking our blog every 3 minutes (Paige), and just clamoring to know that the wiggly little being in my belly is, in fact, a sweet little girl. Crazy, no?


Salutations, friends. Why yes, it has been a while since we've provided updates. But that's because we've been traveling, so settle down. Kelsey and I took our last pre-kid vacation to the sunny world of California. Well, technically the awesome kid was with us. Check out the kid in Hollywood:

And at Pier 39 (there were too many people blocking all the basking sea lions, but trust me, they're there):

And in front of the Full House house:

And the Golden Gate Bridge was fogged in, but this is what it would've looked like had we taken a picture that day:

The excitement of the vacation was nothing compared to the excitement that awaited us when we got back. But I told Kelsey she could share the news. So read on, friends.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The instructions for my brain

The other day, Isaac (see photo on the left) handed me some instructions from a game and told me, "Here, these awe the instwuctions for my bwain." I'd been looking for those! Now if only I could find the instructions for my brain. It seems that as the baby (and my belly) get bigger, my brain gets smaller. I can't seem to stay focused on anything and I find myself several times a day standing in the middle of the room saying out loud, "What was I doing?" The good news is, as Eric announced, the throwing up is over (we hope). I've got to admit, after two funerals, one doggie dying, adding a new doggie, 2 high-maintenance college girls living with us (just kidding, they're anything but high-maintenance and I might cry when they move out), and more vomiting than...not...vomiting, I'm ready for a season of low drama. Okay, Baby? Please?

Well, we're at 18 weeks, folks. Which means only 2 more weeks until our sonogram which will reveal the answer to the question that everyone is asking me these days. Boy or Girl? The votes have been coming in, and although I think it's a girl, the boys have kept a consistent, albeit slight, lead. I check the poll frequently as though its results will actually determine the sex of our baby. Did you guys know you had such power? Evidently in my mind you do.

So, keep on voting because you've only got 13 days left before the polls close and we announce the, uh, winner. And then I get to do what gets my little heart pounding: organize, plan, decorate and arrange! I've been holding off on plans for the baby room until we have an answer to the gender question, but after July 30th, LOOK OUT! Husband? Are you ready to arrange and rearrange some furniture? Your pregnant wife isn't allowed to move heavy objects, so you're up, Buster. I know you're excited.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hooray for not throwing up.

Hey all. Fantastic news. Kelsey has gone over a week without having to run to the bathroom or stay home from work. And she can hold down something besides baked potatoes and Chipotle, both of which dominated our dinner menus for the last eight weeks. It's a glorious thing seeing my wife enjoy being pregnant again. Thanks to all of you who volunteered earnest sympathies. Even you, Mrs. Shirley, who had to painfully endure gagging twice in your first trimester. Sorry.

More good news this week! After a solid twenty-four hours of grieving, we were convinced by others who have had to put dogs down that it would be cathartic and restorative to start looking for another dog immediately. So we did. And now we have one. Maybe we're crazy, but we knew we'd get another dog eventually and we wanted to make the transition from dog to dog and baby as smooth as possible, so we settled on sooner is better. Franny (given name Fran, but I like the J.D. Salinger reference, so we added an extra syllable) is an Australian Shepherd from Beatrice, NE and, so much as we can tell so far, awesome. She's just about as sweet as Maddie and twice as inclined to cuddle. So here we go again. Check her out.

There's one thing we could use some prayer for, those of you who are so motivated. We got Maddie's blood work back from the lab and it looks like one of the contributers to her kidney failure was something called Leptospirosis which dogs get from drinking unclean water. It's also one of the very few things that can be transmitted from dogs to humans through fluid contact. It's pretty rare- Kelsey's uncle Dr. Mark said he's never actually seen a case -but one of the effects in women is spontaneous abortion. None of the professionals we've talked to seemed too worried about it, but Kelsey is on antibiotics just to be on the safe side and we're trying to not submit to the anxiety. That's really the more pressing deal that needs the most consideration at this point- not freaking out. So thanks, friends.

We'll try to keep up on the frequent posting; these past two weeks have been kind of crazy, but we should have more news in the coming weeks. Short Round is the size of an avocado now, which feels surreal, and we'll know on the 30th if he's a he or she's a she. Although everyone seems to have their money on boy. If it's a girl I don't think we're going to see one cent of that, though. We'll just have to see. Feel free to throw a prediction our way via our poll on the right. Peaces.

UPDATE: I spoke with our vet Thursday and he clarified some things about Leptospirosis. The two traces that they found in Maddie's blood are too old to have been transmitted at this point. So we're in the clear. Thanks for asking Kelsey about it and for your prayers. You rock.