Thursday, July 9, 2009

The instructions for my brain

The other day, Isaac (see photo on the left) handed me some instructions from a game and told me, "Here, these awe the instwuctions for my bwain." I'd been looking for those! Now if only I could find the instructions for my brain. It seems that as the baby (and my belly) get bigger, my brain gets smaller. I can't seem to stay focused on anything and I find myself several times a day standing in the middle of the room saying out loud, "What was I doing?" The good news is, as Eric announced, the throwing up is over (we hope). I've got to admit, after two funerals, one doggie dying, adding a new doggie, 2 high-maintenance college girls living with us (just kidding, they're anything but high-maintenance and I might cry when they move out), and more vomiting than...not...vomiting, I'm ready for a season of low drama. Okay, Baby? Please?

Well, we're at 18 weeks, folks. Which means only 2 more weeks until our sonogram which will reveal the answer to the question that everyone is asking me these days. Boy or Girl? The votes have been coming in, and although I think it's a girl, the boys have kept a consistent, albeit slight, lead. I check the poll frequently as though its results will actually determine the sex of our baby. Did you guys know you had such power? Evidently in my mind you do.

So, keep on voting because you've only got 13 days left before the polls close and we announce the, uh, winner. And then I get to do what gets my little heart pounding: organize, plan, decorate and arrange! I've been holding off on plans for the baby room until we have an answer to the gender question, but after July 30th, LOOK OUT! Husband? Are you ready to arrange and rearrange some furniture? Your pregnant wife isn't allowed to move heavy objects, so you're up, Buster. I know you're excited.


Chuck said...

After you find out could you preface anything having to do with the gender of your child with MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy I finally got to visit with you. I can't wait to find out if Tony gets a little boy to hang out with or a girly-girl.

michelle said...

dont remember what i previously said but im locking it in saying that its a girl. :) though regardless that baby will be so loved and so lucky to have such amazing parents!