Saturday, August 22, 2009

For Those About To Rock

Ok, friends. I know it's been a while. But I had to let that last post resonate for a while. Plus I think my capacity for talking about myself has a ceiling of only a few weeks. So hurry up, Lila Jo. Because I'm gonna talk about you on and on like there's no tomorrow.

Remember how this whole thing started out as a forum for me talking about how awesome my kid was going to be? At least that was my m.o. Kelsey might tell you it's for informing our friends and family who we don't see all the time, but I contend it's for bragging.

Anyway, about the time Kelsey and I decided to try and get pregnant I noticed that, unlike the ubiquitous overalls and sailor suits of my babyhood (no offense, mom- the 80s threw a clever fashion ruse at you), some of the clothes for babies and toddlers now are awesome. Awesome enough for the Awesome Kid. Of course, not actually being pregnant yet, Kelsey wouldn't let me buy the Star Wars and Run DMC tees that beckoned me from the Target racks. She's very rational. And now, as pop-culture fate would have it, they're no longer available. Dang. Oh, wait. Have you all heard about this thing called "THE INTERNET?" Yeah, I yelled it. It's that exciting. You can get just about anything on this internet, including awesome baby-sized vintage t-shirts. So game on. Just imagine how cool Lila is going to be in this:

And this:

And especially this:
Tommy Lee would be proud of a kid so awesome. Now I have to start working on ideas for her first awesome Halloween costume for next year, because Chuck and Joyele already took the all-time awesome costume when Josie went as a ninja ballerina. Thanks, guys. We salute you.


Jessica Kahler said...

can't wait to hold sweet little lila jo in her brand new AC/DC -for- those- about- to- rock- onesie. she'll be the most hip newborn on your street im just sure.

cari said...

Might want to put a bow in her hair as part of these outfits ....

Just kidding. They're rad.

AM said...

haha, glad to know she'll be stylin'!

Jessica Kahler said...

you people don't update this thing nearly enough.
it's thursday. i need some new reading material please.
and some belly pictures would be nice.
give the people what they want.

Lindsey Jones said...

I'm agreeing with Cari on this one. Or maybe some little pink pants. But those are pretty awesome.