Saturday, September 12, 2009

For all you whiners who don't like to read and complain that our blog doesn't have enough pictures:

So...way back at 13 weeks (remember 13 weeks?) Eric and I decided to take weekly pictures of my belly to mark its growth progress:
And then I threw up for four weeks. Which threw a kink up in those plans. The new plan is to take pictures every 13 weeks as we are now 26 weeks into the growing of our child. So 13 weeks after our first photo session, we are making progress, both in belly growth...
...and nursery plans. We made some significant progress in the nursery this weekend. Eric put together the shelves we bought for the nursery at Ikea (Franny helped):
You might have noticed in the background of these pictures the disaster zone that was our nursery. I had just thrown stuff in there as we had acquired it. It was my Saturday project this weekend to get the room to a place where I could stand to look into it:
It's by no means a finished project, but at least it's starting to resemble a room in which I wouldn't mind letting my daughter sleep!

Other exciting news of the weekend: I bought my first vacuum cleaner. We had been given a used vacuum cleaner when we got married, but it wouldn't suck the dead bugs out of the rug in my daughter's room so my nesting hormones said, "Go buy yourself a vacuum cleaner that works." As a result, I am now the proud owner of an 8 pound Simplicity vacuum cleaner thanks to the nice folks at Marbeck Appliances who stayed 15 minutes past their closing time to answer all of my questions. I know you're thinking, "A new vacuum cleaner? How can your pregnant body handle all that excitement!?" The answer is, a lot better than my husband's not-pregnant body, as he is currently passed out on the couch next to me from all of the excitement of the weekend. I hope your Saturday was more fun than ours!


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, you look fantastic Kels!!! And you both did an amazing job on Lila's room, she'll be thrilled! :) Wish I could be there to see it all.

Jessica Kahler said...

to: baby lila.
hurry up. you're taking too long to bake, and i wanna play.
from: the fun one.

Stewart Family Blog said...

Kelsey! You and baby Lila look beautiful. Miss you.

Anonymous said...

I pray that crib keeps my beautiful niece as safe as it kept my girls. And that it will make her as good of a sleeper as Emma and Gini! What a wonderful room for Lila to call home.