Thursday, October 15, 2009

I would like the world to know what kind of a husband I have

(Confession: I totally ripped off that title from my friend Bethany's blog about her awesome dad)

So the other night I was asked the following question: What do you consider your best attribute?

My response? The ability to choose a good husband.

I mean it. I really think that's the best thing I have going for me. And this is more and more apparent with each progressing day of my pregnancy. We have 9 weeks to go before this little creature makes her entrance into the world. And while many things in pregnant world are better since that painfully long first trimester, there are a few new developments that I can't say I'm altogether happy about. Gone are the days of vomiting and picky eating, but gone also are the days of a cute little rounded belly, an ache-less back, normal-sized feet, and the ability to get to sleep without a good dose of Tylenol and a heating pad. I am now officially ENORMOUS. Now when I say that out loud, all the experienced moms in the room give me a look like, "just you wait, sister." I know, I know. I'm going to get even bigger. And then bigger again. And then bigger some more. And then just when I feel like I might explode, I'll get just a bit bigger still. I know this. I'm just saying I am, at this moment, enormous. Don't argue with me or I'll sic my big belly on you.

Now, where was I? Ah, yes. I have an awesome husband. Let me brag on him for a little while. Get ready to be jealous.

Over the last 7 months my husband has:

  • rubbed my feet nearly every night
  • cleaned up my vomit from the passenger seat of his car (just once, but that's enough I think)
  • made countless midnight trips to the grocery store to satisfy my cravings (this week it's been those really delicious $.99 frozen pizzas that I loved when I was in middle school and had the metabolism of a cheetah)
  • forfeited his space in bed to make room for the new additions of my 2 king-sized pillows, my huge belly and my huge...well, just take a guess at that last one, er two.
  • cooked us dinner almost every night of the week
  • willingly gotten on board with my brilliant hippie ideas like cloth diapers and natural childbirth
  • attended childbirth classes with me and been attentive and helpful (I've received comments every week from the other moms like, "He's a good man" as he willingly hops up on my request to fetch me a bag of crackers, a water bottle, the paperwork I hadn't picked up, etc)
  • made me feel like I CAN do this, that I'll be a great mom, and that I'm attractive to him - giant alien belly or no
  • gotten up in the middle of the night to refill my hot water bottle, bring me a glass of water, or just comfort me
  • made late-night trips to Walmart to buy me my yoga ball (feels so good on my back), my cocoa butter lotion (feels so good on my belly), my hot water bottle (feels so good on my everything), etc, etc
  • sacrificed a free ticket to the Wilco concert to be at our childbirth class
  • tactfully kept his mouth shut when I have been irrational and moody
  • patiently endured my incessant moaning and whining about my body hurting
  • patiently endured the constant state of transition that Lila's room has been in as I keep changing my mind about what I want it to look like (by the way, "transition" requires his muscles moving the furniture around according to my whims)
  • patiently endured my irrational, hormonal outbursts of tears or anger or both
  • patiently with a pregnant, emotional, ever-expanding, demanding wife
  • not complained a-once

I could go on and on. I seriously have the best husband ever. He has been attentive and supportive and self-sacrificing throughout this whole pregnancy and I am so grateful for him. Lila, your Daddy is the best man in the world. Your are so lucky. We are both so lucky. Come soon so you can meet him and see just how awesome he is.


Sarah said...

YAAAAY for an awesome husband!! Great job, Eric. :)

Still super excited for you, can't wait to meet Miss Lila soon!

Jessica Kahler said...

he's a good one.
so are you,
and lila too...i'm sure of it.

good one kels.

bethany said...

awwww!! you can steal my titles anytime to tell the world these good things. dang. what a husband.

Matt Totsch said...

Nice job Eric.

Katy said...

Oh, Kelsey, I am so glad to hear that about Eric but I am not a bit surprised. You guys both waited until you knew you wanted a family and that is just wonderful. GOOD JOB ERIC!!