Monday, November 23, 2009


I know I already said it two weeks ago, but it's almost here. For real. We're full term as of Friday, patient friends and family. Our OB took a look and said she doesn't expect Kelsey to go past her due date, so that's encouraging. And Lila is certainly sitting lower than she has been. I can tell by the shape of Kelsey's belly, Kelsey can tell because she can now breathe easier, but has to pee like 49 times a day.

So crib number three is on its way. Let's hope this one's a keeper. With any luck our nursery will be done when it arrives; if not, she's just sleeping in the stroller because three is my quota for crib building. Actually, I've rather enjoyed it. I didn't think I would be excited about baby gear, but every time we bring something home that requires some level of assembly like the pack 'n play (thanks Ungroup) or our stroller (thanks mom and dad), I can't wait to start putting it together. It's like Graco knew exactly how to sucker dads into participating. Nice scam, guys.

In other news, THURSDAY IS THE  BEST DAY OF THE YEAR. Those of you who know me should also know how much I love Thanksgiving. How the other 364 days are spent in sweaty anticipation of the one. And even though she's not actually here to take part, I am delighted about Lila's first Thanksgiving and how much more exciting it makes the prospect of future holidays. Get ready for turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes, daughter. It's all happening, people. It's all happening.

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