Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Knock, knock

Who's there?
A very pregnant lady.
A very pregnant lady, who?
Uhhhh...I don't have a clever ending to this joke so carry on reading and pretend like this never happened.

Hello. It is I. The Pregnant One. How pregnant, you say? Very. Very. Pregnant. Which is why I've been a bit MIA in the blog world. Here's what I've been doing:

- Nursing my enormously swollen feet. These days you'll see me padding around in the diabetic socks I bought at the drugstore or the Husband's socks and slippers. The other day I was in the baby's room and I was vaguely aware of Eric walking all around the house as though looking for something. Then he came into Lila's room and said, "Aha! Quit stealing my slippers!" and pointed at my feet. Whoops. I hadn't even realized I had put them on!

- Attending birthing classes (so I can figure out how to get this crazy little booger out of me)

- Making pregnancy craving-motivated trips to the grocery store (the other day it was chocolate croissants and cinnamon graham crackers)

- Attending baby showers (hosted and attended by my sweet, generous friends)

- Attending my now weekly doctor's appointments during which I get an update on the progress my body is making in preparation for labor and delivery.

Today was our 37 week appointment. For all you non-pregnant people out there, here's a little refresher. Warning: the following may be a little, como se dice, "TMI" for some of you, so if words like cervix and uterus and pelvis make you uncomfortable you might just wanna skip on down a few paragraphs.

There are four signs that the doc checks for at each appointment:
1. Dilation: the diameter of the opening of my cervix measured from 0-10
2. Effacement: the thinning of my cervix measured from 0% to 100%
3. Cervical position: the cervix starts high and back and ends low and forward - like a little slide for the baby to just slip right down, right? :)
4. Station: the position of the baby within my body measured from -5 (high in my uterus) to +5 (crowning). 0 station is basically right at bottom of my cervix with baby's head on the pelvic bone.

Last week my cervix was still pretty far back and high so the doctor couldn't measure how much I had dilated or the percentage of my effacement, although she told me the baby had dropped (I had noticed because my tummy was practically resting on my lap and I had made about 73 trips to the bathroom in a 24 hour period) and that I was effacing. Her report was that we were on schedule for due date! Hooray!

Today we got a little more concrete progress to report. I am dilated to 1.5 cm (I think she gave me the extra .5 to be nice!), 50% effaced (halfway there!), the baby is at -1 station (low, low, low!), and my cervix, while still pretty high and back has moved forward at least enough to measure the other things! I have also been having several "practice" contractions throughout the last few days which she diagnosed as "good." Ha. Good job, uterus! Keep practicing. Practice makes perfect!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so I plan to stuff what little of my stomach is still reachable amongst all that baby. I am working with limited space, so I may have to narrow it down to just my favs: mashed potatoes, cheesey potatoes, stuffing, rolls, turkey, maybe some more potatoes...hmmm...we'll just have to see how it goes.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


Jessica Kahler said...

little sausage toes.

Sarah said...

Knock knock, it's me, your Texas friend. I wish I could be there with you!! I can't wait to meet Lila and spend some time with her mommy... hopefully around New Years!! :)