Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nothin' as sweet.

It's been thirty-four weeks, friends. 3-4. Which means in two to six weeks we're going to have a Lila. Seriously. Starting about ten days from now it's Any Day Now territory. Yikes. I'm a little overcome with anticipation and impatience for meeting my first born, and I'm not even carrying her. Just imagine what Kelsey is feeling.

I've been listening to a fair amount of Lightnin' Hopkins and Hank Williams Sr. today. Why is it that country-western and blues artists had so many daddy issues? Lila better not grow up to be a country singer, cause all the good ones pen depressing lyrics about painful memories. So you hear that, baby? You can't be a country artist. You can be any other kind of musician, except German techno-pop. It's really just nauseating. I did hear this uncharacteristically happy tune from the first Hank in the midst of the songs about crying and drinking and more crying. Granted, it's a love song and 'baby' has a wholly different context, but it still warms the cockles of my fathering heart:

I like candy, I like cake, I like jam but goodness sake.
There's nothin' as sweet as my baby.

I feel like a honey bee, when she's buzzing around with me.
There's nothin' as sweet as my baby.

Got pounds of candy kisses, but I can't spare an ounce.
She's sweeter than wine and brother she's mine,
And that's the only thing that counts.

I like candy, I like cake, I like jam but goodness sake.
There's nothin' as sweet as my baby.

Well that's all I have today. You fathers may be able to tell me if this is normal, but I'm feeling this weird paradoxical excitement and weariness all at the same time. Wonder when that goes away. We have our pre-admit appointment tonight, so maybe that jump start the freakouts. Here we go.


Jewel said...

Shoot, I'm going to have to return the itty bitty cowgirl boots I bought her. : )

Katy said...

Hey Eric, you will be fine. It is an awesome experience. Kelsey, can't wait until Sunday to see you.

Chuck said...

I'm over two years in and the excitement/weariness combo is still there. I hope it stays for the rest of my life.