Friday, January 15, 2010

Alright Already!

Okay, okay! I know we've totally neglected this blog (and you apparently based on the number of complaints we've gotten!). All I can say is, come babysit and you'll see just how much you can't get done! So I'm grabbing a rare and precious moment when my daughter doesn't need to be fed, changed, or held to write a quick post.

I would like to announce that Eric and I have officially become "those people." You know, those people who yell at people who drive through the stop signs on their block. Those people who think their kid is the cutest person ever made and feel the need to take pictures of every new face, position, squirm, squint, and squeak she might get herself into. Those people who subject other people to those pictures with the assumption that everyone else in the world is enamored with their baby as they are. Those people who drive 20 mph down a 30 mph street because their new baby is in the car. You know...those people. And we're okay with it. And to embrace our new reality as Those People, check out these awesome pictures of our little girl that our dear friend Jenae took for us. Here are a few of our favorites:

Check out Jenae's blog for a few more pics from Lila's first photo session. Also, check out Jenae's website and consider hiring her for your next photography need!

Meanwhile, I'll be busy feeding, burping, changing and cuddling my little girl who's already 4 weeks old (can you believe it?!) and growing every day! Come visit us or you just might miss it! She's even cuter in person, I promise!


Jessica Kahler said...

oh how i love her.

bethany said...

well done, parents. you made a pretty one.

michelle said...

love the photos. lila is such a sweet pea. and i MISS YOU!!!!! praying that she behaves herself and sleeps well for you two. hugs!

michelle said...

ps. you can send me any photos you wish...cause ill look at them all! :)

joyele said...

well, welcome to the cool club kautzis! you are now "those people".... BUT, take pride in this graduation because this means that those "other" people are the morons that drive around like everyone in life is over 5 ft tall and riding around in a supercharged ford f-150. they are also those people that think it's appropriate (and safe) to give you a death stare as they pass you on the highway, while talking on their cell phone and screaming at you. and as long as you don't turn into "those people"-- you know the ones that scream at their kid's baseball coach or start pushing other parents when their kid gets taken out of the game, you'll be just fine.

by the way, we do really do want to come see you both and your precious lovely, sorry we haven't been able to make it over.... jos has a special gift for lila too.

the irons family

elissa. said...

oh man. i just love this

(ps. you DO love nubs. she is in your family photo)