Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jellycat and Sock Monkey: Friends...for now

Well, we now have our very own Jellycat and Sock Monkey thanks to Lila's generous Aunt Jessica and Nana (respectively). They seem to be getting along just fine for now:

We'll see what happens when they have our sweet daughter's attention to fight over:

Then we'll see who wins!

Speaking of our sweet daughter, she's working on making her entrance. Here's the weekly update:

1. Dilation: 1.5 cm (yes, still)
2. Effacement: 90% (almost there)
3. Station: 0 Station (right on the base of the pelvic bone, ready to enter the birth canal)
4. Cervical Position: still posterior, but a little farther forward (hey, progress is progress!)

Also, my feet look like this:
Now you know where I acquired the nicknames "Hobbit Feet" and "Sausage Toes." Come soon, Baby Girl so I can have my old feet back.


Katy said...

okay, so Go Sock monkey. I mean I love the jellycat but sock monkeys are just too darn cute. I can't wait to see Lila.

Blakely said...

Whichever one she doesn't latch onto can be the special toy that lures baby Shirley over to play with Lila so when they're adults they can walk down the aisle with sock monkey and jellycat... because that's how it works right?

Jessica Kahler said...

i wanna squeeze your little toosh.

Stewart Family Blog said...

Kelsey! Thinking about you often and so excited to see baby Lila!