Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yup, still pregnant.

Well, well, well. Lots of updates to report. Firstly, I am officially one week away from my due date! We had our 39 week appointment yesterday and here's the update:

Dilation: Still hanging around 1.5 cm (booooo)
Effacement: 80% all around (last week, she was only able to check the front which was 90%
effaced - now we are 80% completely)
Station: +1! (see the drawing on the right) I had a theory that she couldn't get any lower than 0 station without me being in labor, but I was wholly incorrect! No wonder I feel like there is a head between my legs ALL THE TIME!
Cervical Position: Moving forward! The doc was able to check everything for the first time this week, so we're making progress!

In other news, I got laid off from my job on Monday. Although another unexpected variable in our already changing life, in a lot of ways it is a relief. The immediate reward was a few bonus "days off" for a very pregnant lady! And, I think it will be the best for both my boss and our family in the long run. The math doesn't really add up financially, but as my dad says, "God loves to provide!" We trust that and are doing our best to hope in that despite the stress of a new baby in t-minus a few days and having to figure out how to live on Eric's income alone. We would love your prayers! It has also long been a desire of my heart to stay at home with my kids and I feel like, through losing my job, that the Lord has given us His permission to at least do that for a season.

Sooo, I'm free as a bird. Well more like, free as a beached whale who doesn't have to go to work anymore! So, what am I doing with all my free time? I'll tell you.

I spent not a small amount of time trying to navigate the automated lines of the Kansas unemployment department. I now have a lot more sympathy for people who have to deal with government red tape on a routine basis. When I was able to get through in the first place (about 70% of the time, I got a busy signal when I called in), I was hung up on (by a machine, mind you) each time after sitting on hold listening to the oh-so-quality musack for about 10 minutes! I finally wised up and looked up any number for the Kansas Department of Labor I could find and just started dialing until I got a human! Poor guy. It became very clear that a) I wasn't the first to have this brilliant idea, and b) he knew squat about the unemployment department. He was very helpful, though and took my information to pass on to the correct department and told me truthfully that it would probably be at least 2 weeks before I got a call back! Yikes! This is a little disheartening since in very bold letters at the top of the information sheet I printed out it says: Your unemployment insurance claim DOES NOT begin on the date your job ended or your hours were cut back. You must apply first. And I can't apply until I get a call back from someone! I could avoid all this and apply online, but as is always the case, my situation doesn't fit the standard requirements for online application since I worked in both Kansas and Missouri with my job. BAAAAAHHHHHH!

On a lighter note, Eric and I decided to get in the Christmas spirit and have a home-bound Christmas-themed date night. We rented Scrooged from the library and set about decorating a gingerbread house. As is usually the case with dates that my sweet (although not so detail-oriented) husband plans, things did not exactly go according to plan. In this case, however, it was much more fun than if it had gone smoothly! The initial problem started when he didn't read the directions (after reading me the bold print at the top that said, Read these directions thoroughly before beginning!) and he made all of the frosting instead of the half that he was supposed to make. Not to be deterred, he decided to go ahead and start building the thing, only to realize after the fact that you are supposed to let each wall set for an HOUR before you add another wall. The result was hilarious. I had to document it:

This was that, "I wasn't supposed to put meat in the trifle!" realization.

And then, ever the optimist, "Well, I might as well see what happens if I plow ahead and add glops of frosting to the already caving roof!"

"Oh, that's what happens." One would think this picture would be documenting the beginning of our adventure when in actuality it is capturing Eric admitting defeat.

No matter, still edible. Sorta. Mmmm, gingerbread and frosting sandwich.

We laughed a heck of a lot more during this disaster than we had in a long time - a little soul healing from a rough-ish week! Thanks, God for giving us emotional releases like fits of laughter! I keep thinking I need to keep taking pictures of what we do in these last few days so that I can show Lila what we did the days and weeks before her arrival! Come on, Lila! Life's really fun out here!


Sarah said...

Yaaaaay SOOOO close!! SO excited for you sweet friend!!! :)

Jessica Kahler said...

kels. maybe if you just sneeze really hard....maybe, just maybe, that'll push her to the edge. just try it. you never know.
eric...sorry about the failed house, but congratulations on the successful deliciously large frosting and ginger bread sandwich! who would turn down one of those babies?? not this girl.

Katy said...

God does provide, you are in our prayers and I can't wait to see Lila. Call ME!! I could have helped you with the unemployment thing too since I just went through that in July. Take care and see you and Lila soon, I hope.
Eric, You get an E for Effort...LOL!!

Matt Totsch said...

It seems like being prego is fun, you should just leave her in there another couple weeks. Also, eric is a great sandwich maker and that gingerbread house...sandwich looks delish.

amy said...

My favorite part of this post? The caption This was that, "I wasn't supposed to put meat in the trifle!" realization.

You guys, like gum, are perfection.