Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh the cuteness!

Honestly, people I am very busy and important. I don't have time to entertain you with my daughter's cuteness! Well, okay. If you insist. Who am I to deprive the world of this:
We've had a busy March - or really just a busy last 7 days - in the Kautzi household. Little Sister married Uncle Kyle last Friday and the wedding was awesome and fun and beautiful and unique and perfect. Plus, my mom's side of the family had an excuse to come down from Minneapolis so Lila got to meet her Great Aunties Lu and Jill, Great Uncle Mark and his awesome fiance Debra, Great Nanny, and cousins Leah and Grace. They couldn't get enough of each other! Then, on Saturday, we had our first "real" date night out since Lila's birthday with friends Chuck and Joyele and saw the amazing Patty Griffin in concert. Which was also awesome and fun and beautiful and unique and perfect except that Lila had to take naps at Nanny and Pop's house and the girl just prefers her own bed (who can blame her?) so she didn't sleep well. Lila was a trooper and wasn't grouchy at all on wedding day, and she was a perfect angel for her adoring grandparents, but by Sunday night we were really paying the price of a off-schedule weekend and Lila, bless her heart, was very sad. She wasn't even really grumpy, just sad. In the words of my college roommate, Lindsey, "I think I am so tired because I am so sad."

And Lila was so very tired and so very sad. Which breaks my mommy heart! I felt guilty for not giving her one of the few things she demands of me. That's the thing about an easy baby - they're very easy to take advantage of because they won't protest! She just flexes and smiles, but we definitely hit a wall this weekend and I vowed to give my little girl good naps this week. And boy has she been making up for lost time! A couple three-hour doozies in there and that girl wakes up happy and giggling! Here is a little play-by-play glimpse into the minutes before naptime at our house:

The last two are post-nap. And no, I can't do anything about her hair. It just sticks up no matter what I do!

We're hoping for a more relaxing April and therefore, more frequent blogposts! Let's keep this nice weather coming, too. Lila and I have been on walks, visited friends, played outside with the doggie. There's a whole new world out there now that the snow is finally gone! She gets kind of wide-eyed and serious looking around when we are outside and I ask her if she's learning something. I think she's just surprised that the world extends beyond our little house! Well, until next time, I'll leave you with this - Lila practicing her daddy's talent of raising one eyebrow:


Jessica said...

Oh how I miss my little caterpillar! Can't wait to be home and see my Lila jo! Hold on baby! Your fun aunt is coming!

Mike said...

your kid is frickin' cute. i will fight anyone you tries to tell you otherwise.

amy said...

Kels, seriously if you don't bring her to work with you this summer I'm putting you on probation. She's ADORABLE.

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, that last shot is amazing. Such talent!

Katy said...

Sure wish I could come see you all. We need more pictures.


Anonymous said...

That eyebrow raise is hysterical. I can just hear her saying "can you smell what The Lila is cookin'?"