Friday, June 4, 2010

Are we there yet?

I'm beginning to understand the appeal of the "stay-cation." In the last 3 weeks we have logged more than our fair share of travel time. We took Lila on her first plane ride to Denver for my Uncle Mark's wedding. The trip was short and sweet and Lila did mostly well on the plane. I am learning more and more that I have NO idea what I'm doing as a parent. I had about 8 lists (no joke) going as I was preparing for the trip: Lila's Stuff, Mommy's Stuff, Lila's Carry-on, Mommy's Carry-on, The Stuff Mommy Couldn't Fit in Her Bag So We're Stuffing it in Daddy's Bag, The Last Minute Stuff, etc, etc. Mock me if you will, but those lists came in handy when we took our second family "vacation" to Tan-tar-a this week. This time, via automobile.

The car ride wasn't necessarily better than the plane ride, but it wasn't necessarily worse. Just a different monster. On the plane, we were cooped up for 2 hours straight with not even the option to stand up to bounce the happiness into Baby Girl. In the car when Lila wasn't sleeping, we stopped every 45 minutes or so to give LJ (and Mama) a break which turned the 3 hour trip into a 5 hour trip. Every time Lila woke up from a "nap" (if you can call 20 minutes a nap) she would immediately begin the "Squawk of Protest" routine. The high-pitched squealing that seemed to say, "What?! I'm still in this carseat? What's the DEAL?!" After our breaks, when I would try to buckle her in, she would arch her back or lean forward to avoid being strapped into the carseat again. On the way home as a distraction from shrieks of distress coming from the backseat, I began my mental pros and cons list in preparation for our trip to Minneapolis this fall.

Flying PROS:
- quicker trip=less torture
- forced moderation for my over-packing tendencies
- the airlines (which are notorious for not being customer-friendly) are surprisingly kid-friendly and give families flying with kids preferred boarding and check-in options

Flying CONS:
- although less torture for us, more torture for the poor suckers who get stuck on our flight
- forced moderation for my over-packing tendencies (what if I forget something!?)
- we're on their schedule

Driving PROS:
- we're on our (or rather, Lila's) schedule
- we can bring whatever the heck I want as long as I can shove it in the car
- we don't threaten the birth rate by convincing innocent fellow passengers that they do not, in fact want to have babies of their own

Driving CONS:
- 8 hours - no, wait probably more like 11 hours = more torture
- we can't find the baby in the midst of all the junk I have shoved in the car
- maybe it will be more like 12-13 hours...

Ahhh, we'll see.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Lila had a great time traveling around! It's sounds like making lists are the way to keep sane when jet-setting with your little baby! She's so cute..who could resist that face??