Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Just Wanna Tell You How I'm Feeling.

One of the most thrilling things about being a first time parent, and there are so many, is witnessing the development of new abilities every day. Sure, when they all come in the span of three days it's a little overwhelming. Despite repeated requests to slow down, this kid started crawling, sitting up, and talking in sentences all within half a week. And by sentences, I mean long strings of "DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA." But it's awesome (and I mean that in all earnestness- I'm often literally in awe these days) to see her just do new things all the time, without any prompting or modeling from her parents.

My favorite example of late is her capacity to listen to and enjoy music. Of course it is. You know me. A few days ago in the car she interrupted a really stellar car seat tantrum to chime in with the refrain of NA NA NAs at the end of Hey Jude. What can I say? The kid has good taste, and loves a sing-along hook. And NA is one of the three words she knows well, aside from the aforementioned DA and EEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Lila also has a penchant for offering her opinion on the quality of different musics without hesitation. I wonder where she gets that from. Just before bed one night we sat on the rug in her room, my iPod plugged into her little stereo. As I scrolled through track after track she looked at me and eagerly gave either an approving laugh or a red-eyed wail, though never a neutral reaction. Some of her favorites include Nena's 99 Red Luftballons and The Polyphonic Spree's Light and Day. The one song that made her cry the hardest was Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up. Yeah, that's right. Rick Astely, you made my daughter cry, which you specifically promised you would not do. Astely-jerk.


After the tears we had a pretty good dance party, which is the first one we've had since Lila has been out in the real world. Here are the ones that really got her moving and giggling:

Mutato Muzika Orchestra, Hey Jude.

Nelly Furtado, I'm Like A Bird.
Nena, 99 Red Luftballoons.
Phish, My Sweet One.
The Polyphonic Spree, Light and Day.

Ahh, what the H. Here's a little Astley for you all. Try not to cry.

You know what, Lila? I won't give you up, let you down, run around and desert you either. But I will flip you upside down and kiss you. See?
If only that rhymed.


Katy said...

Hey Eric,
How sweet is that picture? Thank you for sharing and I love that Astley song, oh well. Maybe one day Lila will like it too....LOL!!
Take care and hope to see you soon...Katy

amy said...

ERIC! You did not disappoint. GREAT POST. Lila clearly has great taste in music (among so many other things), and next time I see her I'm gonna tell her all about that Phish show I was at that one time and how if she ever follows a band across the entire country making a living selling fried egg sandwiches to tailgaters she has to make sure that when they come to Sandstone she gets us free tickets.

And Nena? Yeah? YOU GO GIRL. (Lila, I knew you were my favorite babygirl.)

amy said...

PS The fact that you captioned Rick's pic at "Liar" made me laugh OUT LOUD alone.