Monday, July 12, 2010

Good dog, happy baby.

Well I for one still love my dog, despite my Saturday afternoon moments of weakness when I repeatedly told her to go away, stared at her intimidatingly until she did and, I am not proud to admit, waived a threatening stick so she could see what she might have coming if I were just a little less compassionate. You'd think we'd remember to shut the door to Lila's room, especially when there's an extra half a dog in the house. But no, we once again neglected the boundaries that dogs so flippantly disregard and walked into a house with the thick stench of greasy dump slowly seeping through the air. And for the rest of the day we tried to make sure Franny knew she was not appreciated. Then, of course, I caved and spent the rest of the evening scratching her ears.

So despite the pooping and all, I can forgive and enjoy Franny for this: the relationship that she and Lila have. Lila is so utterly fascinated by Franny's existence that, mid-tantrum, she'll freeze and stare at Franny just getting up and walking across the room to lie down in a different spot. And Franny, though uninterested at first, now happily wags her nub and noses Lila lovingly, licking her cheeks as she squeakily laughs. My commands of "don't lick the baby's face" go unheeded.

A few weeks ago the four of us were enjoying a Sunday afternoon on the front porch and, through a series of shots that Kelsey snapped with my phone, I realized just how in sync Lila and our eldest really are:

Notice how they're looking at all the same things? There you have it- the awesome kid is also a genius. I mean, she has an attention span identical to a four year old Australian shepherd, and they're like the third smartest dog there is. It's science.

So Franny may have lost favor with Lila's mom, but I still love her. I emailed her previous owner/trainer over the weekend to find out if she responded to any commands that we have yet to try out, and I found out that Franny a) recognized her diabetic owner's low blood glucose and would paw her on the foot to tell her to get sugar, and b) used to wear a backpack which she would fetch upon hearing "get your clothes." Hilarious. Now it's almost time to fashion a saddle so Lila can ride her Aussie steed around the yard and make all the other kids jealous. Yee haw.


Anonymous said...

eric, i love this post. maybe it's because 1. i love lila 2. i love franny most of the time, interesting to note that after you all were over last week with franny, that evening we also found a kitty poo, right OUTSIDE of the litter box. 3. i love poop, it is fascinating to me and it has given me a salary for over 30 years at the hospital. fyi... when we chart about patients poo's there are over 25 choices to describe poop, the amount the texture, the odor, the times pooped in a day etc... next time i work i am going to see if "greasy" is listed. i will let you know. love nanny kahler

Jessica said...

my favorite part is the threatening stick.
you're a clever writer.
and an awesome daddy.
and a great dog ear scratcher.

amy said...

Seriously. I love all 4 Kautzis so much.