Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Daddy vs. Lila: the sword-fight edition

And now for the first installment of what we hope will be a reoccurring segment on MW4tAK:

The Difference Between Mommy and Daddy

Difference #1: When Mommy disappears in Target with Lila, she can always be found in the kids' section holding up cute little dresses to Baby Girl. When Daddy disappears in Target with Lila, he's in the dollar section teaching the kiddo the art of fencing:
Don't hold it by the blade, Baby Girl! That makes Mommy nervous!

I really should have learned by now that if I insist on dragging the Husband shopping with me, he will insist on entertaining himself with whatever is at hand. I should have recognized the foreshadowing in this picture I snapped just days before Lila was born:
No self-respecting knight goes into battle without his elephant hat.


Lindsey Sanders said...

This makes me think of a long time ago when Eric got lost in Walmart because he heard that there was a robot there. We wondered if men grew up when they became husbands or daddys. Neither I take it :) Love and can't wait to see you all!

amy said...

Hahaha! Well everyone knows that swords are more entertaining than dresses.

carryingacarrington said...

Your trips to Target look like a blast! Lila is so precious, even with a sword in her tiny hand. I think I need that elephant hat :)

Jessica said...

eric. that baby looks good on you.

eric said...

Lindsey, I have absolutely no recollection of whatever it is you're talking about, but if there's a robot at WalMart I will find it. I swear.