Thursday, September 30, 2010

Breakthrough! and some other ramblings

Ok so I wasn't going to post about this because I feel like I am always whining about something Baby Girl is or isn't doing that is making my life miserable and I want you guys to know that I really do love the little squirt and mostly she makes my life awesomer despite all my complaining.  How's that for a good run-on sentence to start a post?

Anyway...what I wasn't going to post about and now AM going to post about is this:  For 8 days in a row Lila StinkerFace Kautzi did not sleep longer than 30 minutes for any nap.  Now, she's never been a long napper (I throw a party if she sleeps longer than an hour), but 30 minutes?  Come ON!  And as we have learned, sleep begets sleep, so when she doesn't get good naps she can't get good night sleep so after several days of bad naps, she started waking up during the night.  Not cool, Zeus.  What's a mama to do?!  I tried everything: earlier naptimes, later naptimes, fewer naps, more naps, rearranging feedings, earlier bedtimes, controlled wake-up times, colder house, warmer house.  Nothing worked.  Until...

A few days ago, after two crap-o-la naps earlier that day, she was rubbing her eyes around 4:00.  I wasn't too optimistic, but I thought, why not try for a third nap today?  The worst that can happen is she screams her brains out for 20 minutes until I give up.  But she didn't scream her brains out.  She just whimpered on off to sleep.  And slept for...wait for it... an HOUR!  Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah, hallelujah, ha-leh-luh-ya!!

I wasn't quite ready to declare it a victory yet (don't be fooled by my Hallelujah Chorus).  But the next day she took one hour-long nap and one 30 minute snooze.  And the next day it got a bit better.  And so on

I would like to announce that last night, Baby Girl slept from 8:30pm to 8:00am, woke up to eat and then slept from 8:20 to 10:00!!  Which means even Mama, night owl that I am with my midnight bedtime, got 10! hours! of! sleep! last! night!  THEN, she took an hour-and-a-half nap this afternoon!  I think I might just go conquer the world.  Or maybe just my messy kitchen.

Thanks for tolerating my boring mommy stories.  This is my life, people.

Here's a little something to make reading this post worth it - I found* it on the internets:
check it out
It's a website where you can design and print your own fabrics.  I'm a wannabe seamstress (wannabe = one time I sewed a hem around a pre-cut fabric and called it a tea towel, but then my sister-in-law needed her sewing machine back and I haven't done anything since.  Wanna teach me??) and I spent all (HOUR!) of Baby Girl's nap time ogling all the pretty fabrics.  You should ogle them, too.  Do it.  Now. Well, not now, but after you read my footnote.  Which is going to start riiiiiigghhht NOW:

*found = less I scoured cyber space looking for a fun crafty website and more I saw it mentioned on a friend-of-a-friend's blog.  Which blog?  You might ask.  Well I'll tell you:  Check her out, too - she's far from "wannabe."


Katy said...

You are hiliarous. I am glad that Lila girl is getting into a good routine, it took me 13 month to get Tonybug to sleep through the night and that is after letting him scream for mommy for 2.5 hrs. That was not fun but at least he is sleeping through the night now and takes good naps. Love ya and miss ya, Katy. One day will you let us come see you.

Caley and Patrick said...

I am taking your advice on the napping but it looks like there may be a silver lining for napless parenting after all...Whoops. Hope I didn't jinx it :) Oh, well, I am still going to hold on to hope that I will get the same results.