Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cindy Lou Monchhichi is about to rock

It's 7:19pm on Tuesday and Baby Girl has been asleep for an hour and a half.  That's right.  5:45 bedtime.  That's what happens when certain stubborn pixies boycott their afternoon nap at school.  You wouldn't have known that she had been up for 7 hours straight because she was walking her walker all around the house yelling "Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-BA! A-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-MA!" with a grin on her face for 45 minutes after we got home from school.  The girl's a pro at that thing now.  I'm kinda worried she won't ever learn to walk for real because she can maneuver her way anywhere real speedy-like with it.

That's low on my list of worries right now though.  Topmost on my list is our plugged main sewer line.  Yup.  Problems.  Round about Thursday, I heard this glub-glubbing sound coming from the laundry room where I was washing Lila's diapers.  When I went to investigate I stepped in a growing puddle of water seeping out of the floor drain.  I thought maybe I over-soaped the load (which doesn't really make sense, but that was my first thought).  Then on Friday, the shower didn't really drain well and then the toilet started bubbling.  Thus began our uber-fun weekend of talking to plumbers (some smarmier than others), sopping up water in the laundry room, watching said plumbers dig around in our backyard, and then not showering for 3 days.  Are you jealous?

The good news is that the Husband took the day off work yesterday while we got bids and diagnoses on our sewer line.  I love it when Eric gets a few days in a row at home because Lila just loves her daddy.  I can see such a difference in the way she responds to him when he's spent a substantial chunk of time with us.  It just makes my mommy/wife heart swell.  Kinda like the Grinch at the end of the movie when his heart breaks the little heart measuring thing. 

Speaking of the Grinch (nice transition, eh?), one of our favorite costume ideas was Cindy Lou Who.  Check out the poll on the right of this page where you can vote from our top three options for LJ's Halloween costume:

Numero Uno: LJ as Cindy Lou Who.  Pink nightie, pipe cleaner antennae, pink bows in hair and maybe a red ball for the ornament

Santy Claus, why are you stealing our Christmas tree? Why?

Option Two: Lila Monchhichi.  Monkey costume, red bow in ponytail, white bib with "Monchhichi" on it
Monchhichi, Monchhichi, oh so cute and cuddly!

Thirdly: She's a little bit country AND a little bit rock-n-roll.  LJ rockin' her AC/DC tee with a cowgirl hat and boots.  Ah, what the heck, let's throw in a pint-sized electric guitar, too.
cowboy up and rock on.

So vote on our poll for your favorite and the costume with the highest votes will be Lila's first Halloween costume.  Never before have you had such power.  Use it wisely.


Anonymous said...

i vote for the cowgirl rockstar! nanny

Anonymous said...

i missed the poll but my vote is for monchichi!