Wednesday, October 27, 2010

too many teeth and not enough naps

I'm just gonna warn you: we've had two not-good days and I'm feeling whiny.

Lila and I are in a fight.  Actually, two fights: Teeth and Naps.

No, it's not that she's teething.  It's that they're already out and she likes to use those new little masticators.  She bites everything, including me.  And Mommy already feels like she's being very generous with certain parts of her body and doesn't have much patience for those parts being treated like a teether.  Especially since those aren't teeth.  They're razors.  My child didn't sprout sweet little soft pearls.  She popped out the sharpest, pointiest, razoriest fangs with which I've ever been chewed on.  It does not feel good.

The first time it happened, I instinctively grabbed her cheeks and said, "NO! Lila, do NOT bite Mommy!"  And she said, "HA."  The little urchin.  The next time, I did the same thing, but also set her down on the floor.  She wasn't nearly as amused that time.  Instead she wailed and looked red-faced back and forth between Eric and I as if she was saying, "Can you believe what she/you did to me?!  Which one of you is going to rescue me from this unjust punishment of being plopped onto my diapered bottom?"  Neither strategy has been all that effective, incidentally, but (because I'm such a good mom) making her cry makes me feel better.  At least she's not mocking my pain, but sharing in it.  

I'm gonna go ahead and give myself a point for that one.  I think I deserve it.  Lila: 0 Mommy: 1

Yes, I'm still complaining about her naps.  The girl is just not a good napper.  We've hit an all-time low, though.  Let's do some math, shall we?

Yesterday we spent 75 minutes + 60 minutes (2 separate attempts) trying to get Lila to sleep in the morning.  She never slept.  Then we spent 20 minutes trying to get her to sleep in the afternoon and she finally slept for all of 40 minutes.  So all-in-all 155 minutes (2.5 hours) in her crib in varying degrees of distress (ranging from bouncing around babbling to screaming her brains out) and 40 minutes sleeping.  Definitely in the red there.

Then she slept 14 hours overnight, so I chalked it up to it being a school day.


This morning she spent 75 minutes bouncing around her crib and 30 minutes sleeping.  Frustrating, but I was still (foolishly) optimistic about her afternoon nap.  However, after an hour of babbling and flopping in the afternoon with no sleep, I finally gave up and resolved to just put her to bed early because her boyfriend, Reave was coming over (more on that later).  Total numbers for the last 2 days = nearly 5 hours of trying to get her to sleep, 21 awake hours, 14 hours of night sleep and only an hour and 10 minutes of daytime sleep.  I don't like that kind of math.

You guys, I'm not being a push over.  I'm really not.  I let her cry.  A lot.  I don't go in there all the time and when I do it's to give her bink back (after she's thrown it out of the crib in a fit of infantile rage), but I don't make eye contact and I just lay her back down and walk out.  And I've tried putting her down later and earlier and a lot later and a lot earlier.  She just won't sleep!  And when she does sleep it's not for very long.  I can't force her to sleep.  Lord, I wish I could.  I'm at my wits end.  Any ideas would be helpful.

So in the nap battles, it's Lila: 1 Mommy: 0

Despite the biting and nap protests, she's still rather charming most of the time.  In fact, you probably wouldn't have known she hadn't slept today.  The only indication was that she was a little emotional during her first date with Reave.  She and Reave are betrothed.  His mama and I were pregnant together and he was born on Lila's due date.  She's got two days on him, the cradle-robber.  Alissa and I decided to do some baby-swapping so we could each get some much needed alone time.  So I had Reave today for a couple of hours and Alissa will take Lila tomorrow.  Here are a few pics:

Lila: Get me outta here!  This boy keeps trying to hold my hand!  Reave: I can't believe I have to have this pink blanket on me.  Maybe if I close my eyes, something more manly will appear.
Lila: Yay! Good date!  Reave: Is it over yet?
Lila: Reave, do you like my windblown hair-do?  Do you think it makes me look like a model?  Reave: Haha.  You said 'doo-doo!'
That Reave, he's just like his daddy.  He loves potty humor, too.  Lila and Reave played so cute together - you know, the way 10 month olds do: stealing each others' toys, crawling on top of each other, knocking one another down, banging on things, throwing things, pulling hair, driving over each other with the walker.  Good stuff.

So I guess my day wasn't all bad.  But I'm still grumpy, okay?

Oh yeah, and thanks to your votes, Lila Lou will be the cutest little Who in Who-ville this Halloween!  Photos to come next week, of course!  In the meantime, pray for me and send me any stop-biting or start-napping advice you might have!  I'm all ears!


Kelly Sime said...

maybe you could lay down with her to get her to nap...

Jessica said...

This might be my favorite blog yet. i read it this morning at like 5:30am, and i'm pretty sure i've never laughed that hard, that early, ever before.
congratulations little sister.

amy said...

I laughed out loud when I read "doo-doo" in the photo caption. Heehheeehheeh.

michelle said...

praying! and stay consistent with putting her down everytime she bites...eventually she will get that biting equals no food and an upset mommy. cant wait to see who-ville photos! :)

Caley and Patrick said...

I think your "Super Nanny" tactics for napping will work eventually, but if they don't you can always consult Cesar Milan...I hear children under the age of 3 are a lot like dogs ....PS-It would be wise to make sure everyone knows that I am only joking :)....Or am I????

Anonymous said...

A dark, cool room. My Mom had dark room curtains & a fan on low in our rooms. The white noise was a big help. Good luck! Hang in there. Christina

Heather Berry said...

1. Yes, I agree with Michelle - stop nursing whenever she bites. She'll get the picture pretty quickly. 2. You're not crazy for WANTING her to nap, but you're right, you can't make her nap. And trying to make her nap will drive YOU crazy! I've been there. Noah NEVER took a morning nap. EVER. And he started skipping afternoon naps around 2 years old. He's also always averaged about 10 hours at night. Talk about no "alone" time! Every kid is different and you just have be flexible. His nap time has turned into "down" time where he can sit with his blankie and read a book, but that only lasts about 20 minutes. Once I accepted that, we were both much happier. Every kid has different sleep requirements, just like every kid has a different personality! Noah's is "Go, Go, Go! The world is WAY too exciting and if I sleep then I'll miss something!" If you try to force her to fit a mold it will just backfire. But also, it could just be a stage. Adjust for what she needs now, and hope that you can adjust back to naps in a few days/weeks! Ok, I'm done giving all of my unsolicited advice! ;) Good luck!