Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another hope for Waverley

Just a quick Waverley update for the Army!

Wavy's parents have filed a "motion to reconsider" asking the courts to review their decision and change their minds.  This does three things:

  1. Provides the very small hope that the ruling will be reversed (like mustard seed size hope!)
  2. Buys more time for Wavy to be with her family and for Matt and Molly to put in place the best "transition plan" to change custody over should they lose this motion (the decision on the motion to reconsider could be made as soon as tomorrow or as late as 3 months from now, meaning Waverley could be with Matt and Molly through the end of December or as long as March)
  3. Allows for the possibility to tweak the language in the ruling to support the cause of adoption for future cases


Pray for a conviction amongst the justices to consider the spirit of the law versus the letter of the law - and an understanding that the life and well-being of a child is at stake and is just as important if not more important than an adult's rights.

Pray for a change of heart for the birthfather - the way I see it, the longer this takes, the more time he has to think about the reality of being a father and the more time to change his mind!

Pray for the longest possible time allowed for Wavy to remain with Matt and Molly.

Pray for the voice of the biological grandmother to be silenced.

Pray that the justice of the Lord rules in the hearts and minds of the judges - far supreme to the justice of the nation.

Pray for wisdom and comfort and peace and hope and protection and provision for Matt and Molly and Wavy and Harper.

Pray for a lamb!


Katy said...

yes,yes and yes, I will keep praying for Waverly, Matt and Molly.

Anonymous said...

I'm praying with all my heart!!