Friday, November 19, 2010


Pretend like you are a very patient, very compassionate, very kind mommy (okay, maybe "-ish" should be added to each of those adjectives to be fair).  Then pretend like you have an 11-month-old monkey child who spent 3 straight hours yelling at you.  Then imagine that child is ravenously hungry.  Are you imagining it?  There.  That's your own little window into my day.  Nice view, huh?

Lila must have woken up today and thought, "What do I want to do today?  Hmmm...probably just eat and yell.  That'll be fun."

Seriously, Lila took a page out of the hungry caterpillar book today.  This afternoon she ate:

1 stick of string cheese...but she was still hungry.
Then she ate 1/2 a slice of bread...but she was still hungry.
Then she ate 1/2 of a pear...but she was still hungry.
Then she ate carrots...but she was still hungry.
Then she ate chicken mixed with pear...but she was still hungry.
Then she ate another 1/2 a slice of bread...but she was still hungry.
Then she ate another 1/2 of a pear...but she was still hungry.
Then she ate some cheerios...but she was still hungry.

But then her mommy cut her off because she didn't want her to puke all over the place.  Which made monkey-child really mad and she yelled.

Disclaimer: I haven't taken a non-blurry picture of her with my iPhone for about two months.  She's just too wiggly.

She also yelled when I wouldn't let her play in the toilet.
She yelled when I wouldn't let her lick the trash can.
She yelled when I wouldn't let her crawl around in the closet with all of the christmas lights and ornaments and extension cords.
She yelled when I wouldn't let her pull all of the clothes out of her dresser which I had just put away from the last time she pulled them out.
She yelled when I wouldn't let her "kiss" the dog.
Again, sorry about the blur.  You gotta capture the moment, though.
So maybe you can understand why at exactly 5:01pm I texted Eric and said, "When are you coming home?!  I'm done with this baby!"

It's days like today that make me really glad I'm not a single mom.  And that I don't have twins.  And that I'm not pregnant.  And that it's Friday.

Today wasn't all bad, though; we had a few good moments in there.  For instance, Lila is really into kissing and she has started volunteering kisses rather than just offering them on demand.  She had me belly laughing today when she violently grabbed my whole head and slobbered all over my forehead because she had the sudden urge to kiss me.  She was also doing her best Fonzie impression this morning.  She has started this thing where she leans back against the couch with her arms propped up on the cushions - like a little chubby Fonzie.  Ayyyyyy!  And finally, I pulled up a few Sesame Street clips on Hulu and she was mesmerized.  She actually sat still and cuddled on my lap for 15 minutes (except for when she yelled and batted at the computer every time I had to load the next clip).

And really, when my alarm beeps at 10:08 twice a day and I stop what I'm doing to pray for Waverley and her family, I tend to snap out of my frustration and thank Jesus for my baby girl as I ask him to be gracious and let Matt and Molly keep theirs.  I'm sure they would do anything to add more days to their time with Wavy - even if they were all like today!  It helps to have a little perspective.

But even with perspective, days can just be nasty and by the end of the day all of those sweet bonding memories were fading away in the haze of the crabbiness that had invaded our house.  Which brings me back to the title of this post.  Grrrr.  That is how I feel about today.  I don't have the energy to lecture it or even lash out and bite it.  I'm like that elderly dog who is not so keen on the children tugging on it's ears but can only muster an apathetic warning growl.  Grrrr, nasty day.  Grrrr.  I'm done with you.  Leave me alone.


Mr. Colorful said...

I'm imagining either leaving home or kicking the kid outside after about 15 minutes of yelling.

Katy said...

You are too funny. Children are wonderful even at their "worst" moments. Lila is lucky to have a great mom such as you! I was once told that as they get older, it doesn't really get any harder just different. Katy

michelle said...

aw she is just working on expanding her stomach for turkey day! ;)
just kidding...obviously your little monkey is getting ready for a voratious growth spurt...good news is that with those typically will come longer naps too! praying for you and praying for the waverly situation. hugs from st.lou!

side note my word verification is loone...perhaps in the vein of how looney kids can make you feel?! :)

carryingacarrington said...

You're an amazing mom! I've learned so much from you already! Camille is eating tons as well, perhaps growth spurts/storing up for winter??? Yay for lovely babies and yay for when Daddy gets home!!!