Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another devastating decision

Matt and Molly's motion to reconsider was denied.  They now have less than 30 days as Wavy's parents.  By January 4th, Waverley will be taken from her home.  What horrible news.  What a horrible thing to be hanging over their heads for Christmas.  But I refuse to give up hope.  Keep praying.  Your prayers matter and the Father hears them!

I grabbed this from Matt and Molly's blog as I didn't think I could articulate their request for prayers better than they can:

Please pray for our Wavy. The clock is ticking while we scramble to complete and put into practice a transition plan for her that the court will approve.  Our trauma therapist that is helping to develop and present this plan is upset that the court would think 30 days (or less) is an acceptable timeframe to start and finish a transition of this nature.  Besides being devastated we are extremely stressed as we try to do this in the best possible way for Wavybel. 

Please pray that Judge Shepherd will make the right choices for Wavy when we present our transition plan to him.

Please pray that we will use the right words when we try to explain this to our girls in the next few days.

Please just pray.

And here are a few prayer requests of my own:
Keep praying for a lamb!  I believe that there is still a possibility of a miracle happening so that Wavy will not have to be taken from Matt and Molly.

Keep praying for mercies and protection for Wavy.  I believe that the Lord will care for Waverley's heart, mind and body in her absence from Matt and Molly.

Keep praying for the biological father.  I believe that there is still a possibility that he will have a change of heart - even if it takes her living with him for a little while for him to realize that she would be better off with Matt and Molly.

While Matt and Molly have to live in the reality of explaining this to their daughters and coming up with a transition plan, we have the luxury of living in the reality of hope!  Let's never stop hoping for a miracle for Waverley!  Let's extend our prayer pledge another month to January 18th.  That is exactly two weeks past the 30 day mark.  Two weeks for a reality check.  Two weeks for a change of heart.  Two weeks for a miracle.

I still believe that God himself will provide the lamb!


Jessica said...

good one.

Mira's mom said...

My heart is breaking over Waverly. I think about that family often and plead with God on their behalf. Still praying! Oh and what is it with one year olds and thinking they would be better off in Home Depots, Target, the grocery store, the DMV without a mom. I guess mom's are just spoil sports. I always said I would not be the mom who was scraping up their heap of a child off the store floors. Oh but, I am. What a sucker I have turned out too be.