Thursday, January 6, 2011

Buckle up, this ride ain't over!

I recently got some new information that I am excited to share with you all.  I don't want to be overly optimistic, because things are still very bleak, but I can't help but wonder if, to use my Little Sister's words, Jesus is about to "show his stuff."  

As you know, this Monday, January 10th is the custody hearing that will decide which of Waverley's natural parents will get custody.  Here is a bit more information that I was encouraged by and that I hope will help inform your prayers:

- Waverley's biological mom has moved back to Kansas City to fight for custody
- She is married and is a stay-at-home mom to an 18-month-old
- Her husband is trying to get reassigned to a military base here in KC
- MOST IMPORTANT: if Birth Mom wins custody, Matt and Molly will still have a relationship with Waverley!!

The last few days have been exhausting for Matt and Molly and the girls.  They have had separate 3 hour visitations with each of Wavy's biological parents.  The visitations with Birth Mom have gone really well, the visitations with Birth Father, have gone horribly.  This Sunday night, Wavy was supposed to have her first over-night at Birth Father's house, which everyone was dreading, but (by the grace of God?) Waverley was just diagnosed with pneumonia so all visitations - including the overnight - have been temporarily cancelled until Wavy is fever-free for 24 hours.  She is at home and doing alright and I think everyone is grateful for this unusual form of protection!  I'm sure a reprieve from the visitations is such a relief!  6 hours a day must be so hard for Wavy to cope with!  I think I understand a little more what Matt meant when he said that Judge Sheppard didn't do much to protect Wavy's best interest - who in their right mind would think that 6 hours every day with "strangers" would be appropriate for a two year old!?  Bahhhhhhhh! Deep breath, Kelsey, deep breath.

Anyway, while of course it is awful that Wavy is sick, I think the Lord is protecting her emotional health by sacrificing her physical health!  After all, haven't you ever needed a break from work and almost welcomed a sickness that kept you home?  I know I have!  Let's pray that Wavy would recover from the pneumonia at just the right speed to give them all time to take a deep breath!  

And in the meantime, let's pray, pray, PRAY that the custody hearing goes in favor of Birth Mom.  I can't help but think (and hope and pray) that a married, stay-at-home mom of another child would be favored over a single dad living with his mother.  However, Birth Mom has not fared well in court in the past.  The reality is, she made some very grave mistakes and essentially caused all of this trauma by deceiving Birth Father before Wavy was born by telling him she miscarried, seemingly intentionally providing incorrect and incomplete information to the hospital and adoption investigators, and providing contradicting testimony during the original trial.  Let's hope and pray that two and half years  of this mess and becoming a mother to another child since has served to mature her and that she will present herself well in court on Monday.  Pray for favor in that courtroom and that ultimately the outcome is the very best for Waverley.   

I know I keep saying that this is the last leg of this race, and then something happens that extends it.  Imagine how Matt and Molly must feel!  It's as though they signed up to walk a 5K and have ended up running a marathon!  I can't emphasize enough how important this hearing is.  It feels to me almost as important as that horrible appeals trial that sent them down this road.  As far as I know, this custody hearing will either be the dead end that severs Wavy's relationship with her parents (if Birth Father wins) or the fork in the road that opens up other options that allow for continued involvement in Wavy's life (if Birth Mom wins).  

Please pray with me:

- For a Judge to be appointed who fears the Lord and is wise and discerning with the ability to see what is the absolute best for Waverley
- For Birth Mom to present her testimony with humility and honesty and for her living situation to be considered merits in her favor
- That Birth Mom's previous mistakes in and out of court would not harm her chances of being awarded custody
- For Birth Father's living situation and decision making to be a glaring mark against him
- For Wavy's body to come through this illness with just the right amount of time to allow her little mind and heart to recover from the trauma of the last few days
- For Matt and Molly's continued restoration, protection, resilience, perseverance, and hope.

And of course:
Pray for a LAMB!

**Matt just posted an update of sorts that makes some of this information out-of-date.  The short of it is, the birthfather's attorney wrote a RIDICULOUS letter saying that pneumonia isn't a good enough reason to postpone visitations so they have to resume them tomorrow.  You can read the letter in its entirety on their blog.  This just gets more and more unbelievable every day.  Come on, Lord!  DO SOMETHING!!!  If you want to join me, I've been praying Exodus 14 over this situation (specifically 14:14).  


Katy said...

OH Yes Kelsey, I am sorry that Wavey is sick but what a reprieve. I will pray, pray, pray that lauren gets custody and that M&M can still be a part of her life. Joy! God will do his stuff like Jessica said, at just the right time. Katy
Loved the new years picture!

annaelyse said...

praying praying praying!!!