Sunday, January 9, 2011

please pray

Please pray.  Please, please pray.  I don't have any eloquent words tonight.  I've been weeping over this stupid horrible messed-up situation and I don't have the emotional capacity to get it together to convince you why you should pray or inspire you to pray or whatever.  So I'm left to beg.  Please, please, PLEASE pray for our friends and their sweet sweet daughter whose future will be decided in court tomorrow.

Pray that Wavy's birthmother is awarded custody tomorrow.

This is it.  Now is not the time to get distracted or to forget or to put it off or to minimize or assume.  Now is the time to call on a God who calls himself Father and ask Him to enforce his good and perfect will.

This is the man who will decide who will raise Waverley:  Judge Foth.  Pray for him.  Pray for the wisdom and discernment and fear of God to rest on him tomorrow.

This is the little girl whose life and future will be changed in unknown ways.  She is the reason we pray.

Waverley Isabel with her Mommy and Daddy
These are the things Matt and Molly have asked us to pray for:
(for justice, for a family that will love her unconditionally and place her needs first)
Judge Foth 
(wisdom, clear thinking, a heart for Wavy)
The birthmother's lawyer 
(words that speak to the judge, a sharp mind, clear thinking, a great memory for the case law that will be most helpful)
The birthmother and her husband 
(continued strength and love for Waverley)
Matt and Molly 
(calm hearts and nerves)

pray! pray! pray!

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