Monday, January 10, 2011

we are not shaken, we are not moved!

***UPDATE: As you may already know, the hearing was postponed until Wednesday at 1:00pm.  The birthfather's lawyer decided he needed more time to prepare and requested that it be postponed.  Let's pray that means he's having a hard time coming up with reasons Wavy would be better off with his client!  Keep praying!***

So as soon as I published that last post, I followed my own admonition and went out into my living room, got down on my knees and prayed.  As I have written before, music often stabs at a different and deeper part of my heart than anything else in this life.  As I prayed for Matt and Molly (imagining them standing over Wavy as she sleeps tonight, knowing and fearful of the fact that tomorrow will determine a significant amount of her future) a lot of thoughts went through my head which I won't take the time to write down now.  I don't know how long I had been praying, but at some point, I found myself singing the bridge to a song we used to sing at the Gathering a few years ago:

chains be broken
lives be healed
eyes be opened
Christ is revealed

I sang those words over and over, praying for the birthfather, the birthmother, Wavy, the judge, the lawyers, Matt and Molly.  I searched my brain for more lyrics, thinking they might inform my prayers, but the only other words I could remember were these:

come! let your glory fall as you respond to us
Spirit rain; flood into our thirsty hearts again

Not that those words aren't significant.  They are.  Over these last few months, I have been very aware that our prayers for a miracle and a lamb must only be prayed if our desire is for the Lord's glory to be revealed.  So I have prayed, "Lord, bring glory to your name! Provide a lamb!"  And as our prayers have seemingly gone unanswered, I began to add something akin to "Lord, we've been praying and begging and asking for a miracle - please respond to us!"

After I had emptied my mind of prayers and my eyes of tears, I found my ipod and listened to the song in its entirety (in fact, it's still playing on repeat as I type this).  I don't know where you all stand when it comes to how active God is in our daily lives, so you may think I'm nutty when I talk about the Lord "speaking" to me.  And that's okay.  But I believe the Lord brought this song to my mind tonight.  I think He is telling me that he isn't blind, deaf and mute.  He will respond to our prayers.  He is responding to our prayers.  You see, the second verse of the song says this:

We are not shaken
We are not moved
We wait upon you, Lord


I believe the Lord wanted to tell me tonight to stand firm in our hopes and prayers for a miracle lamb for Waverley.  I feel permission to declare that we are not shaken!  We are not moved!  We wait upon the Lord - our MIGHTY DELIVERER, our TRIUMPH and TRUTH to deliver Waverley just as He did Isaac on the mountain - by providing a lamb.

Because the reality is, as big as this is (and it's big - how can the life and wellbeing of a child not be big?), it's really even bigger than you might think.  Our prayers will help to deliver and protect Wavy, but more than that, we pray these things and ask for this lamb so that chains are broken, lives are healed, eyes are opened, and above all else, so that CHRIST is revealed.  So we pray.  And we wait upon the Lord.

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