Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 1

28 Things to Love about Lila
Day 1
The way you say ball - "buh-ball."  Everything else you say has two syllables - mom-ee, dada, doggy, ba-ba (bottle), yi-ya (Lila), Nanny, tickle, Pop-pop - so why not have two syllables for your new favorite word? It almost sounds like bubble when you say it, but it's most definitely ball because the sound coming out of your mouth is almost always accompanied by you carrying around one of your balls.  It's so cute it hurts me.

Lila's First Words

All About Ba-balls!


Holly said...

She's SO adorable!! love this so much!

Katy said...

AWWW, That is so cute. She is adorable. I love hearing her first words. Thanks!

Jessica Blake said...

WHAT ABOUT JESS! COME ON BABY GIRL! JESS! JESS! PPLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEE Lila baby! Say Aunt Jess! i'm making it a point to name my children names that would be easy for a one year old to say so that none of my kids will have to go through the torture i have known of having a niece or nephew that you love so much that can't say your name!
torture i tell you.