Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 10

28 Things to Love about Lila
Day 10

You love to give kisses. They are very drooly and sometimes involve some licking, but you are so cute the way you lean in with your mouth wide open that I can tolerate the ick factor of your slobber all over my face. You almost always give them willingly and sometimes you even offer them. I hope that's not indicative of your teenage behavior. I won't have you running around kissing every boy you meet. Stresses me out just to think about it! We'll have to have a talk about that one of these days. Until then, I'm enjoying the kisses you willingly give to me.


Katy said...

Love the kisses! She is so adorable walking around.

Jessica Blake said...


LA said...

I would kiss my mom that much too if she gave me an iphone. Just saying. Maybe I should be telling her this and I might get one. hummm...thanks for getting me thinking. Cute video.

Stewart Family Blog said...

she's just awesome.