Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 2

28 Things to Love about Lila
Day 2
(Happy Birthday Aunt Jess!)

The amount of words (intelligible or not) that come out of your mouth.  If you are awake, you are moving, and if you are moving, you are talking.  I'm so excited (and a little fearful) of the day you start speaking words I can actually understand.  Your introverted mommy might just need to send you over to your extroverted Aunt Jess' house every so often to get a break from all the conversation.  By the way, you better figure out a way to say "Aunt Jess" soon or she's going to start taking it personally - or more personally than she already does!  Today's her birthday and I don't have a present for her yet - how 'bout you whip out a cute little nickname for her and we'll call it a birthday gift?  

Happy Birthday Little Sister!  I'm sure one of those noises she's making is your name - you just pick out your favorite noise and we'll reinforce it as your name!  Number 2b on my list of things to love about Lila is that she is so much like her Aunt Jess - fun, happy, talkative, cute, affectionate, easy-going, etc etc.  We love you, Jessica!  I'm so glad you are my sister and Lila's aunt!


LA said...

I love her jibberish! Don't ever let her stop!

Katy said...

That is the cutest thing ever, love it! Happy Birthday Jess!!
Love Katy