Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 20

28 Things to Love about Lila
Day 20

How much you love the doggie.  Some days I think this might be the only reason the doggie still lives here. Your first word (after mommy and daddy) was "doggie" and continues to be the word most often uttered.  There was some debate early on as to whether you were saying doggie or daddy because they sound awfully alike, but we went ahead and gave your dad the benefit of the doubt and called doggie your third word. 

That dog is your favorite toy.  You jump on her, you pat her, you sit on her, you hug her, you ride her, you bounce on her, you smoosh her head, you play with her paws, you pull her ears.  You pretty much torture that poor animal and she just lets you.  Every once in awhile she'll give me a forlorn look as if to say, "This small creature is at it again, couldn't you do something?"  The closest she's ever come to biting you is a full on lick in the face.  And for her tolerance she is rewarded with more grace than I would give any other pet who eats dead things and throws them up on my furniture.  


You sure do love that dog.  The other day I turned around and you had covered Franny up with your snuggle blanket.  Night-night, Franny.  Good dog.


Katy said...

awww, good franny! Wow that is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Teehee, these make me smile! She has a true furry friend in Franny!

Holly said...

Ooops. didn't mean to say anonymous!!