Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 22

28 Things to Love about Lila
Day 22

You're so helpful.  Like when you "help" me stuff your diapers (throw them on the floor).  Or when you "help" me feed the doggie (pass Cheerios to her from your high chair).  Or when you "help" me write my blog posts (bang on the keyboard and push the screen closed).  Or when you "help" me do laundry (pull the clean and folded laundry onto the floor and lay on it). 

You were especially helpful yesterday.  

I volunteered to bake cookies for a conference that the Gathering was hosting.  I planned on baking over the weekend while Daddy was home or at least in the evening once a certain someone (you) was in bed.  However, our weekend got over-booked so I was left with Monday afternoon to get the first round prepped and baked.  Hot oven + urgent timeline + necessity for things to turn out yummy + curious toddler = dilemma.  I thought I had my window when you were sitting nicely playing with your puzzles, but the sound of an opening cabinet and cookie sheets snagged your attention.  Which is when you began to "help" me.

After you pulled out a few other pans, you rearranged them a bit and then took a little rest.  I was a little disturbed that my child was laying on my filthy floor with her head on a pizza pan, but then the timer went off and I was glad to have you occupied while I opened the oven to switch out batches.  So maybe you were actually helping me by keeping yourself busy so I could get stuff done!  

Good news is, the cookies turned out great despite the distractions! Thanks for the help, Baby Girl!


Jessica Blake said...

well isn't she just the sweetest little bundle of fun that you ever did see?

Katy said...

I agree with Jessica. So adorable!