Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 23

28 Things to Love about Lila
Day 23

You love taking baths.  That wasn't always the case.  But now! Oh what a joy to be able to throw you in that tub and have you entertained for 10 minutes straight! 10 minutes is kind of our max though, because about that time you start trying to stand up in the tub and I have to put an end to all of our wet fun (which is never a popular parenting choice from the peanut gallery).  

Tuesday has become bath day because you always come home from school FILTHY.  So yesterday we were playing in the bath and you weren't very thrilled with me disturbing your play time with the hassle of getting you clean.  So I started singing (which usually entertains you enough to make you forget that you were mad at me) in the style of Beyonce: all the naked babies, all the naked babies, all the naked babies, all the naked babies, put your hands up!  Which I thought was wildly clever and you thought was only mildly entertaining.  

So I brought out the bigger guns.  Your Nana, aka: world's best gift-giver, gave you this super fun bath toy that spurts and spins and spouts water.  You LOVE that thing.  And I love that it distracts you while I suds up your hair and clean the grime from between your fingers. 

some genius person invented that contraption!

It's so fun to see you delight in splashing around and it gets me really excited for bringing you to the pool this summer!

Just for grins (I mean, literal grins), here's a bonus picture from this fall:
your daddy might have had something to do with your hair-do


Katy said...

I love the fall picture. SO adorable, she may not like it when she is older but its still really cute. I think that bath toy is awesome too, wish I could have had one for Tony.

Jessica Blake said...

naked babies are the best. especially naked lila babies.