Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 25

28 Things to Love about Lila
Day 25

You're so snuggly when you're sick.  You have had a mild case of croup this week.  (However, I will confess that we mapped out the fastest route to Children's Mercy just in case!)  When you are sick, you become 20 times more dramatic than usual.  EVERYTHING is a big deal.  I can't tell you how many times I picked you up off the floor from the heap you had crumpled into because I wouldn't let you play with the poisons under the sink.  The difference between a sicky fit and a healthy fit is all in the response to me picking you up.  When you're healthy you go boneless and try to wriggle your way out of my arms in defiance.  But when you're sick, you wrap your chubby little arms around my neck, lay your head down on my shoulder and wail.  It's so sad.  But I kind of love it.  Because as I've said before, you usually aren't so cuddly.

Today I set up the humidifier in your room and closed us inside so you could breathe the moist air as you played.  I brought in a blanket and pillow and lay on the ground while you climbed on and around me for nearly two hours.  It was awesome.  You kept trying to lie down next to me, but when you would wiggle your little body down on the ground, your face would always end up about a centimeter from my own which you found hilarious.  It was painfully cute.  It felt like we were having a little sleepover - like we were teenage girlfriends giggling and gossiping under the covers.  I almost forgot you were sick...until you coughed and it sounded like a seal had snuck in our house and was demanding a snack.  Poor sicky baby.  What am I doing wrong as a mother that we have been sick soooo much!?  I'm sorry, Baby Girl.  Get better soon!  Until then, I'll snuggle you as much as you want!  

I didn't take any pictures today, so instead here's a video from February 25th of last year.  Look how little!


Katy said...

awwww! she is so sleepy.
My baby boy sounds like a seal right now too..just started last night! Its the dramatic weather changes.

Jessica Blake said...

the little burrito! i miss the burritos!
quick, make another one so i have a burrito to hold! (i'll take a blue's doesn't even have to be pink...i'm not picky here.)