Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 27

28 Things to Love about Lila
Day 27

How cute you look carrying around your beloved Lambie and Snuggle.  You hold them close and high up against your cheek and tilt your head toward them.  Sometimes you'll leave the room and come back holding both of them and then just walk around for awhile snuggling them.  I say, "Is that your snuggle?  Is that your lambie?" and you giggle and snuggle them harder.  These are your must-have comfort objects.  The Snuggle (actually it's a fleece burp rag turned snuggly blanket) was a strategic move on my part.  We had six of them (although at the moment, I can only find four) thus we don't need to fear misplacing one.  They are small and easy to carry, soft, and light weight enough that I won't worry about you suffocating when you fall asleep with it over your face (a common occurrence).
sweet little littles.  snugglin' that snuggle.
when I look at your snuggle, I see a fuzzy blanket.
when your daddy looks at it, he sees a cape.
The Lambie, on the other hand, is a different story.  Despite every effort on our parts to force you to love something "hip," you chose a fuzzy lamb as your Velveteen Rabbit.  The first time you picked up that lamb and snuggled it against your cheek, I knew it was all over.  Bye-bye Jellycat.  Bye-bye Sock Monkey.  I don't really mind though because it reminds me (as if I need the reminder) that you are your own independent person.   Also, your Great Grandma (who may love you more than I do if that's even possible) gave you that lamb because "it was just so soft I just couldn't resist buying it for sweet Lila."  So I guess it's fitting that the thing that makes you feel safe was given to you by the kindest, most loving person on this planet.
The sweetest grandma in the world.
I'll fight anyone who thinks they have a sweeter grandma than I do.
Recently, Lambie came home from church covered in pink chalk.  That night I tried a substitute so I could wash it (her? him?).  I bet you can't guess how that went over.  You were not a fan of that plan and Lambie took a bath the next day instead.  Have I mentioned before that I am a sucker?  
who wouldn't be a sucker for this sweet face?
When we put you to bed, you need your Lambie in one arm and your Snuggle in the other. At bedtime tonight I told you to find your Lambie and Snuggle, which you did:  
sleepy baby ready for bed

Then you walked around saying, "Daddy night-night?  Daddy night-night?"  Your first two-word sentence!  But Daddy was at church being a rockstar drummer so he missed out on both this new linguistic milestone and snuggling you.  He was very sad about that.

But that's nothing compared what he missed the other day.  It was the most awesome thing ever.  You went over, picked up your Snuggle and put it over your shoulder.  Then you leaned your cheek down and lifted your shoulder to meet your cheek.  When your shoulder lifted, so did your hand.  All of this happened in a split second as you started walking across the room and what to my wondering eyes should appear?  My toddler, the Awesome Kid herself, living up to her name as she performed the Thriller dance.  I can't believe I didn't get a picture of it.  And magic like that just can't be recreated.

P.S. If you want a fun game, glance back through the last 28 days and see if you can spot the many appearances of Snuggle and Lambie.  Try here, here, here and here for starters. 

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Katy said...

That is too sweet. I am so glad she goes to bed for you so well.