Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 28

28 Things to Love about Lila
Day 28

You are Lila.  There is no one like you.  I never could have imagined the brilliant combination of your daddy's and my personality (with little tidbits of your aunts and uncles blended in there, too) that you are.  You are more surprising and more perfectly created and more adored than I ever thought you would or could be.  I will never run out of subject matter for things I love about you.  

You are delightful.  
I delight in you.
You are sweet.  
you were sharing your cheerios with me.  so sweet.
but mommy would rather not eat cheerios that have already been in your mouth.
You are wild.  
you're a daredevil.  you're always wanting to be
 teetering dangerously close to a ledge or on top
of tall piece of furniture
You are silly.  
you love being upside down.  flipping you cures the grumpies any day 
You are talkative.
I believe this photo was taken mid-babble
You are beautiful. 
those eyelashes! those cheeks! that whispy hair! that little nose!
You are opinionated.  

clearly you did not want to be snuggled on your daddy's lap

You are fiery.  

it may look like you were hugging our faces, but in actuality you were
 trying to escape

You are smart.  
you love to read.  I find you in this posture multiple times a day.
You are naughty.  
caught in the act of trying to break into yet another cabinet you aren't allowed to play in
You are endearing.  

look closely and you can see a booger hanging out of the right nostril.
what's more endearing than that?

You are persistent.
you kept inching closer and closer to the camera, determined to get
your grimy mitts on that pricey lens
You are wonderful.  
full of wonder
You are Lila.  
sweet Baby Girl
You are mine.  
P.S. TOTALLY forgot to give credit to Jenae Weinbrenner of imijfoto who took all these photos.  Hire her!  She's the best!


LA said...

I have loved your month of posts! What a wonderful idea. You definitely need to make a blog book at the end of the year. Also- can't help but her rocking chair pale pink? I have been debating painting ours pale pink. decisions decisions.

Katy said...

Oh Kelsey, I absolutely love that last day and loved reading every day and seeing the different things Lila does every day. You and Eric are great parents and I know Lila will appreciate all these things you wrote about her one day.

Anonymous said...

will miss checking the blog for daily posts about lovely
lila, even with boogers in her nose, big ol' cloth diaper butt, nappy looking hair etc... that is what she is all about and i love it!!! thanks kelsey and eric ! if i lived far away i would feel like i actually knew her! good job!

michelle said...

I have loved february and love being able to see the tangible love your baby girl gets from both of you daily. Its such a beautiful picture of Godly relationships...even thru the hard yuk stuff, thank you, not all of us have been blessed with such beautiful examples. Thank you for giving me a peek into that. So sad to see feb. done and gone, here's to more lila! :) hugs to you all from st.louis!

Sarah said...

"I will never run out of subject matter for things I love about you."

Does that mean you won't stop at day 28? I'm going to have Lila withdrawals if you stop! Keep them coming! ;)

Holly said...

Had so much fun looking at your 28 days of Lila love! So sweet and wonderful! You and Eric are such amazing parents and Lila is one lucky girl :) God is SO good!!