Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 6

28 Things to Love about Lila
Day 6

Your sense of humor.  Not only do you think we are funny (I'm sure when you're 13 I won't be nearly as hilarious as I am now), but you think you are funny and you love cracking jokes.  You will do silly things like cross your eyes when taking a bite of food and then look up at me with a sly grin on your face as though you are saying, "I did that on purpose!  Aren't I a hoot?"  The other day you kept running out of your room into the living room and yelling "Ba!" at me.  Then you would giggle and run back in only to reappear the next minute.  You thought you were hysterical and you had me giggling too, although I'm not sure I got the joke.  I just got a kick out of how entertained you were by your own joke!  
here you are hamming it up for the camera

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Katy said...

Love her butt, so cute!! She is a ham and it is great she has such a sense of humor, she totally gets that from both of you!