Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hey just wanted to let you know we're still here.  Just taking a bit of a break from the February blogginess.

Also Lila's being a punk and a half (temper tantrums, pinching, hitting, general floppiness) and I'm not so happy about saying bye-bye to my sweet infant angel who could do no wrong because she couldn't talk or move really.  Now that she's talking (a lot) and moving (a whole lot - like, nonstop) there's no tellin' what shenanigans she'll get into.  This mama does not get a moment of respite.  Also, she and the doggy are in cahoots.
here they are, plotting some sort of destruction under the table
this is their most common scheme:
lila feeds her unwanted food to our scavenger of a dog
i tried to get her to snuggle me on the couch, but nooooo.  she wanted to sit (with her back to me, I might add) next to
the doggy (who is looking very smug, i might also add).  and while i'm adding things, please notice the toys on the furniture - an attempt to prevent a repeat performance of couch vomit while we are out of the house
On a happier note, the Husband and I just celebrated our 5th anniversary!  Huzzah!  I love that man.  On to year six!  We recently dubbed year five "The Year of Hard Work" and predicted year six to be "The Year of Turning the Corner" leading into year seven: "The Year of Jubilee."  Just trying to keep it biblical over here.  But seriously, this year I feel like we really earned it.  Besides conquering that daunting hill that is the first year of parenthood, we also illuminated some dark corners of our marriage and dug through the muck for awhile.  Hard? Yes.  Pretty? No.  Worth it?  Definitely.  Love you, Husband!


Jami Nato said...

5 years! can i get a what what!

Katy said...

Wow, really five years already. Congrats!
Lila and Franny are quite the pair.

Jessica Blake said...

i love that they're friends.
i love more that she's standing pantless with her chubby little thighs squeezing out of her diaper feeding her friend. it's precious.

Caley and Patrick said...

I love your blog! It encourages me as a wife and a mommy to be :) Thanks for being a virtual reminder of God's grace in our everyday lives and an encouragement to all. Cheers to year 6 (I say with a big water bottle held high in the air)!