Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh Heavenly Day

I've been listening to Patty Griffin a LOT lately.  This song, specifically.  Because, gosh, are we enjoying this heavenly Spring weather we've been having.  Plus also, it's almost Little Sister and Uncle Kyle's (that's my Little Sister and Lila's Uncle Kyle, just so you know we're not a creepy family) first anniversary and Jess walked down the aisle to Heavenly Day.  It was perfect.  Tangent...

Anyway, we are loving this weather.  Lila can't get enough of being outside.  The other day we were outside for more than two hours straight and she still threw a fit when we had to come back in.  This weather has opened up a whole new world for us.  I don't know what I was doing last Spring (other than surviving), but I did not enjoy the weather this much.  I think in hindsight I was more wigged out with my new job than I thought I was.  I didn't leave the house much at all that I can remember.  It's like having a baby gave me permission to totally collapse into my introverted world.  Maybe I would still be hiding there if it weren't for my social and apparently extroverted child.

This was actually our worst fear when we were still pregnant - that our child would be extroverted like her Aunt Jess and would either be miserable living the life of the child of two hopeless introverts or we would have to re-work our life and live outside of our own little hidden world for the sake of our baby.  Let's just say that Lila demands the latter.

By about 2:30 each afternoon, she starts banging on the front door and signing "please" to me with this desperate look on her face.  "Pleeeeaasssse Mom!  Let me OUT OF HERE!"  And she gets really tired of me by the end of the day.  She treats me like I'm torturing her by only providing myself as her company.

So now I have had to be very intentional about planning outings for us.  We have a weekly mall-walking date with Holly and baby Camille (yes, we're those moms).  We take near-daily neighborhood strolls.  We spend hours at a time watching the doggy tear around the yard and walking back and forth across the driveway.  And we've been exploring the parks nearby.

It was at the park that I was forced to question how good of a mom I really am.  I realized that Lila had never been in a swing.  Gasp!  That's right, she's 15 months old and this is her first time in a swing.  What kind of a mother am I?? And I terrified her.  I wasn't even thinking about the fact that she'd never been in a swing, so I stuck her in and gave her a big ol' push.  And she got this look of terror on her face and freaked out.  I guess it would be pretty scary to suddenly feel like you were falling through the air.  I made her stay in the swing for a few minutes and eventually she liked it.  Mostly.  

So swing experience number two was yesterday and she didn't cry this time, but she hasn't quite gotten the hang of it:
I kept trying to get her to lean back, but I guess she felt more secure leaning forward and hanging on for dear life.  She really was having fun, I promise.

However, after this particular excursion I got to experience the most dramatic temper-tantrum to date.  There was hitting and kicking and arching of a cute little back.  I had to shove her in her car seat and hold her down to buckle her in.  It wasn't pretty and I was halfway irritated and halfway amused.  She cried the whole way home, crocodile tears rolling down rosy cheeks.  The good news is she was so relieved for me to take her out of her car seat once we pulled into the driveway it seemed as though she had forgotten I was the one who strapped her into it in the first place.  All the trouble'd gone away, for awhile anyway.  Oh heavenly day.


LA said...

she is seriously so super cute. You should make another. =)

Katy said...

Swings are a little scary at first, give her a couple more times and she will absolutely LOVE IT!

Jessica Blake said...

she hadn't been in a swing yet because she hasn't been to the park yet with aunt jess. There will be many many things she doesn't do until she does them with aunt jess...i'm just sure of it.
don't worry, i won't give her her first taste of tart, sugary, delicious punch or anything.....

rachel porter said...

london leans forward too in the swing. and i wish we lived closer. :( not that we live far my any means, but close enough to walk and meet up with each other.