Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You are a genius! And I am a genius because I married you!

Cosby anyone? (skip to 7:20 on that link) So that title's not really relevant other than the fact that Netflix just started streaming Cosby and the Husband and I stayed up too late last night watching that episode.  Also I think I might be a genius.  I may have just discovered the silver lining on the nimbus cloud weekend that brought "spring forward" daylight savings and MORE STUPID SNOW.

The discovery came when it occurred to me that Lila can't tell time.  So even though my clock now says 7:30am, her little body still thinks it's 6:30am so she keeps on a-sleepin'!  I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out if there is a reason I should shift her schedule to daylight savings time.  Cuz where I sit, I've got a baby who sleeps in an hour later, who naps an hour later and stays up an hour later.  This is good news because I'm really kind of over being confined to my house after 6:30pm each night.  So now, we could actually go out to dinner!  The Husband could actually get more than an hour with Baby Girl after work!  And the next morning, the Mommy could actually SLEEP IN UNTIL NINE O'CLOCK!!!  What??  For the first time in my life I could really get behind this losing-an-hour thing.

I'm really glad I am realizing this now because I sure needed something positive to focus on today.  So far Monday has not treated us well.  In fact, Mondays always seem a bit rough starting out.  I think it's because both Lila and I have been spoiled all weekend by the Dad-band (that's my very own made-up contraction of Daddy and Husband) playing with Lila in the way only daddies can play and therefore giving Mama a much-needed break.  So when Monday morning rolls around, Lila wakes up saying, "Daddy!  Yeah-Daddy!" and is not so thrilled when sleepy Mommy stumbles into her room.  To be honest, Mommy is not so thrilled either. 

Today I was just not cutting it for her.  I wasn't reading the books right or playing with the blocks right or getting her cereal fast enough (which, in the end, she smeared all in her just-washed hair, mandating another bath).  She threw tantrum after tantrum, yelled "No-no-no-nooo!" more than any other word and was just all-out frustrated with life.  Finally I said, "Do you miss Daddy?"  And she replied, "Daddy!  Yeah-Daddy!" and ran into our room looking for him.  Only to be very disappointed when I was still the only one here.  

note the crusty Elvis-hair courtesy of the smooshed cereal from breakfast
But I don't care.  I'm just focusing on the fact that I don't have school tomorrow (Yeah! Spring Break!) and the Punk-of-the-World still thinks it's an hour earlier than it is!  Plus, after awhile, she decided to give me a chance to prove that I can be fun too and the morning shaped up pretty well.   

How was your Monday?


LA said...

I love that she loves her daddy so much. I hope my baby girl does too. And yes, Mondays....always a hard one! Sometimes I wish I could smoosh my cereal in my hair on mondays to show just how I feel about them.

rachel porter said...

what a brilliant time change idea. i need to try that. i hear you on the 6:30 thing. esp with it staying light for longer. our babies need to stay up a little later!

Katy said...

Aww, what a cute tear faced little Lila. Mondays have not been nice to me lately either. I feel your pain.

Jessica Blake said...

oh sweet baby girl. i want to hold that baby.