Thursday, April 14, 2011

four lessons

Anyone who is married will surely agree that it's super hard to have a healthy marriage without the help and support of family and friends.  And anyone who has kids I'm sure will give me a "here! here!" when I say that it is downright impossible to have a healthy family without the help of other people in your life.  You know, people who tell you your daughter is normal when she pops out 8 teeth at once, or more importantly, tell you you are normal when you feel like you just might want to drop-kick your screaming newborn to Timbuktu.  Or people who make special trips to your house to hold your newborn so you can shower (or brush your teeth for that matter!)  Or people who read your blog and make encouraging comments about your trials and tribulations of motherhood.  Marriage and parenthood are two of the hardest AND most rewarding things anyone will ever do.  And you simply can't do them well without a team.  Can I get an AMEN?

Two Thursdays a month our family gets together with some friends to learn how to be a community that supports healthy marriages and families.  We call them Thursday dinners. Thursday Dinners create an atmosphere in which unrelated people become family.   Amongst us, there is a family with 8 kids, some single people, some dating people, some engaged people, some newly-married people, some not-as-newly married people, some people with new babies and some people with some not-as-baby-ish babies (like us).  We're not all in the same stage of life, but we all value healthy families.  There's no agenda - just a meal and play/conversation time.  Thursday Dinners are simply a place to create extended family.  It's awesome.  You should come!  This is my official invitation to you!

The beauty of Thursday Dinners is that everyone brings something to share so there's not a huge burden on one person to cook and host every time.  This week, one of the things we signed up to bring was chocolate chip cookies.  So this afternoon, I set about making them.  Lila helped:
Immediately after I snapped this picture, she stuck her fist in the dough.
Turns out she's not all that helpful.
And this was her helping outfit:
Why does her head look so huge when she's naked?
After the cookies were made, I put some clothes on her and then went to get myself dressed as well.  She was awfully quiet in the kitchen (which is always worrisome) so I went to investigate.  I found this:
That's right, she's playing in the spice cabinet.  Very safe.
And upon further investigation, I found this:
I believe her plan was to transfer all the spices onto the
magic carpet doormat, but fortunately I caught her after
only three had made the transfer
 So what have we learned?
1. Toddlers aren't all that helpful in the kitchen (I think I already learned that lesson)
2. Spices are for cooking, not for playing (or sorting or organizing or whatever she was doing)
3. Marriage and parenthood are both easier when you have a family of friends to help you do them well (seriously, come to our next Thursday Dinner!)
4. Baby Girl looks way cute in piggy-tails

The end.


Jami Nato said...

is there such a thing as kids being "helpful in the kitchen". something always spills, always breaks. but what a fun memory for them.

Holly said...

That's the cutest non-helper helper that Ive ever seen! You're such a good mommy! Camille misses Lila so much :)

Annabelle said...

#4 is my fav. and completely based in rock solid truth. :)

LA said...

I wish we could have come this week! We missed the fellowship! It is so life giving! I could NOT find someone who would work for me so bummer for me I had to work. =(

Katy said...

Aww, so cute, I cant' believe her hair is long enough for piggy darling!