Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The last few weeks I've been trying to teach Lila some new words.  She now says wee (swing), ow-de-goi (outside), da-da (cracker), maa (moo), baa (baa), and oy-yo (love you).  I'm sure there's more she's saying that I haven't figured out yet what she means.  The girl will not stop talking.  Mostly it's incoherent, but there's pretty much a running commentary all day long.  Most days it's cute, but some days it just about drives me nuts.
Lila looking "ow-de-goi" - photo by Jewel Anderson
This day (as in today) all the babbling was cute.  Also, this day happens to be my birthday.  Thank you.  (I'm responding to your polite, "Oh! Happy Birthday!" that you would probably say if we were talking and not blog-municating.)  I love my birthday.  Although I will admit it's just kind of hard to hold on to the magic now that I'm a grown up.  Birthdays used to feel...fresh and exciting and full of wonder.  Today my birthday felt full of responsibility and significantly lacking in excitement and wonder.

It wasn't a horrible birthday.  I've definitely had worse (like the year I was pregnant with the Baby Girl and felt nauseous and lonely and hormonal and I spent my birthday crying because I felt left out and miserable.  Fun stuff.)  Today just felt like a grown-up's birthday.  Which I suppose it was.  Twenty-eight-year-old mama definitely qualifies as grown up.

And just to prove my maturity, I gave myself a really big present this year.  And by big, I mean expensive.  A new sewer pipe.  Yay.  Exactly what every girl wants for her birthday - to drop a couple thousand buckaroos on something that is buried 12 feet underground and holds poop.

Also, I had to work today.  I only work one day a week (spoiled?  yes, I am.) and this year my birthday happened to fall on that one day of the week.  Bummer.  And not only did I have to get up early on my birthday (NOT my cup of tea), but the kids were BONKERS.  Which could maybe be explained by the fact that they knew they were getting ice cream sandwiches for my birthday treat AND it was a full moon last night.  Kids go nuts whenever there's a full moon.  I swear.  Any of you other teachers notice this trend?

Anyway, a new sewer pipe and a day of wrangling little werewolves wasn't exactly my dream birthday.  But there were definitely great things about today.  Like getting loads of "Happy Birthday" texts from friends who remember my birthday even though I don't have Facebook to remind them.  And my sister-in-law and nieces coming up to school to surprise me with a gift and hugs.  And my parents taking us out to dinner and giving me a gift card to my Favorite Store Ever.  And the Husband giving me the new Brooke Fraser album and a promise for a "grown-up day" in which he calls in sick to stay home with Baby Girl and I get to go get a massage and go to lunch with a friend!  And maybe even Target!  By myself!  Without a purse full of diapers and crackers! (I know, it's totally lame that a solo trip to Target excites me, but BELIEVE me, running errands sans toddler sounds like a day at the spa!)

But the best birthday treat of all was when I put Lila to bed tonight.  I decided to rock her a bit in my newly finished rocking chair (there's a post about that coming soon!) so I could get some extra snuggle time with her.  So we rocked and I prayed for her and eventually she fell asleep in my arms.  I got up to put her in bed and as I lowered her into her crib she said, totally unprompted and in a very sleepy voice, "Oy-yo."  Now, isn't that enough to melt a mama's heart?  Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.

Oy-yo, too Baby Girl.


rachel porter said...

lila looks so beautiful in that picture!

Katy said...

Great picture! Happy Birthday Girl!! I remembered you!
love ya, Katy

Annabelle said...

Beautiful Kelsey. Just beautiful. You will remember this birthday forever. :)
Happy birthday my lovely friend. :)

Caley and Patrick said...

I started crying at the end of your post. I can totally relate to heart melting moments...Mine don't come with words yet- right now mine come when my little guy fixes his eyes on mine and stays there for minutes taking in his mommy's features... I can't wait for the moment Blake says Oy-yo. My heart will be melting all over the place.

PS- Happy Birthday :)