Friday, May 13, 2011

Boppy Mommy's Gah.

Dear Lila,

You don't know it yet, but you are a lucky girl. Probably the luckiest girl I know. There are a lot of viable reasons I could say this, but one comes to mind most of all; you have the greatest mommy in the world. I know some great mommies (your Nana and Nanny are excellent mommies and they love you so much) but yours should have trophies.

From the second your mommy wakes up and comes in to lift you out of bed, she's all about you. You were nice enough to give her a break this morning by sleeping in until 10.30, but she doesn't usually get that kind of surprise. She does however gladly change your diaper, make your breakfast and maybe turn on the Muppets just to see you smile. Then she gets you dressed and takes you out to swing or push your stroller across the yard or to see your friend Anna or Camille, just because you love being outside. After she feeds you lunch and puts you down for your nap, she doesn't quit for the day. She works out, or organizes one of the countless tasks she's doing to help other people, or plans every detail of what she and you and I have to do that week, or all three and then some. When I come home from work your mommy stays outside to play with us until it's time for you to go to bed. She puts your pajamas on and snuggles you and sings to you and prays over you and snuggles you some more and rocks you and lays you down gently and kisses you and tells you she loves you, which she does times infinity.

Then your mommy goes to work again, planning and organizing and prepping for the next day until your daddy is exhausted, but she keeps going. And after she finally goes sleep despite your occasional sleepy whimpers and daddy's occasional snore, she gets up and does it all again. And again. And graciously again.

When I was putting you to bed tonight because your mommy had a rare night out with her huddle, it was a little painful to be rocking you to sleep through steady cries of "no-mommy, no-mommy, no-mommy..." but I get it. Who wouldn't want to be rocked and snuggled by someone who is so warm, so beautiful, so caring and who loves so exceptionally well?

I intended to write you this letter on Mother's Day but, unlike your mommy, my timing and organization needs some work. I hope you learn those habits from her. You're already so much like her. You're articulate, passionate, and you take life very seriously. You're also kind and loving and generous, which makes me think you'll inherit your mommy's capacity to know people and love them how they want to be loved. If you grow up to be even a trace of your mommy, I will consider our parenting a success. I don't think I have anything to worry about- it's obvious you love your mommy and, even though it stings a little when you reach for her as I'm trying to put you in bed, I'm so glad that you want her and seem to want to be like her. You did, after all, melt her heart when a few days ago you wished her Happy Mother's Day. Well, technically you said "Boppy Mommy's Gah," but she didn't mind. That's the kind of wonderful mommy she is. I love your mommy so much and I love you, partly because you're partly her.

You're so lucky, baby girl. And I'm twice as lucky because I have you both.

All my love,


Holly said...

This is such a touching post about the awesomeness that is Kelsey! I have learned so much from you about being a good mom and Lila is so blessed to have YOU as her loving mama! And Eric, major props for your sweet words. Reading this gave me inspiration, sometimes it's so refreshing to step back and remind myself how amazing it is to be a parent and to give all you have to your family :) love you guys!

Jessica Blake said...

good husband. good daddy. good post. and i agree.

Annabelle said...

love everything about this post. :)