Saturday, May 7, 2011

a dream of every man

There's been a fly buzzing around our house all day.  Dive-bombing me.  Out to get me.  Eric just came in the room and I said, "Kill that fly."

A couple minutes later, I heard an exclamation from the kitchen and my husband proudly walked into our bedroom with something pinched between his fingers.  It was the fly.  He had caught it by the leg - which he tells me, is "a dream of every man."

"You caught him?" I asked.

"I ninja-grabbed his ass!" he corrected me.

Then he kept bringing it too close to my face so I could revel in his victory.  But I was too grossed out to revel so instead I took a picture to document his achievement:

pay no attention to the mound of mess on our desk in the background

and this is the Husband laughing when I told him to "look at me like a ninja."
I'm no expert, but I don't think that cute way he throws back his head to laugh is very ninja-like.
Leaves the throat very exposed and vulnerable to a stray shuriken.


Mr. Colorful said...


Jessica Blake said...

laughed out for real. at work. and read the blog out work. and now the girls i work with think both of you are very funny.
love it.

Holly said...

Teehee, so funny!! I laughed out loud too!! Aren't husband awesome?

Annabelle said...

this is hilarious! love it! :)

suz said...

HA! i love this. it's amazing how wired for "conquer" men are.

Katy said...

Very cute, great catch Eric!!


Caley and Patrick said...

I should take a picture of the mess on our desk...I think I would win... Wait, that's not something to be proud of is it?