Monday, May 23, 2011

Guess what?

Lila's sick again.  I know.  I can't believe it either.  So much for "normal life."  This time it's strep throat and scarlet fever.  Seriously.  Scarlet fever.  When I told Eric Lila had scarlet fever he said, "She must have picked that up when she was in the Middle Ages."  Turns out scarlet fever is a rash associated with strep.  Also turns out that it's relatively rare for kids under two to even get strep throat.  My daughter's just unique like that.

I went to bed on Friday dreaming of the promise of May 21st.  And woke up Saturday morning to a feverish kiddo with a suspicious looking rash on her feet.  Her fever spiked to 104°, but since I am now an experienced fever fighter we were able to keep it under control through the weekend.  Sunday the rash spread to her arms and legs and today it began blistering and spread to her mouth.
mommies, take note! if your baby's foot looks like this, call the doc, it may be strep!
Of course I wore Google out trying to diagnose her ailment.  (Doctors love it when people do that, right?)  And by the time I called the doctor for an appointment this morning I was pretty sure it was Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.  In fact, it seemed pretty textbook HFMD - especially the whole blistering rash on the hands, feet and mouth.  I didn't confess my Google diagnosis to the doctor, but silently nodded to myself when, after examining Lila, (who, by the way, is a pro at getting poked and peeked at because she's at the doctor every month it seems) she said, "I think it's Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease."  And then she added, "Let's do a strep test just to be sure.  You don't want to miss strep."

Because the strep test seemed almost like an after thought, I was already gearing up for the ominous 1-3 weeks of isolation while Lila recovered from the stupid viral illness that has no treatment and keeps her contagious for way longer than it's possible to stay sane.  Imagine my surprise when the doctor came in and said, "It's strep!"  She was just as surprised as we were that the strep test was positive.

The good news is that strep is a bacterial infection and therefore can be combatted with antibiotics.  The bad news is that mommies and daddies who have been lavishing their sick babies with kisses all weekend can also get strep (unlike HFMD which most adults have built up an immunity for).  The potentially worse news came when the doctor used the word "perplexing" as she peeked again at the rash that presented so much like HFMD.  As she sent us out the door with Lila's first prescription for amoxicillin, she added a warning to "keep an eye on that rash" because she may just have BOTH strep and HFMD.  The way things have been going, I wouldn't be surprised if she did.

That's okay.  We'll just build up that immune system now so she can power through the rest of her childhood like a little superheroine.

Just so this post isn't completely full of whiney-complaining, I'll share a sweet little development in our bedtime routine with Lila.  Ever since her last sickness, I have sung Jesus Loves Me to her more routinely.  The other day, as I was rocking her before bed, she started in with an adamant repetition of a word that I didn't recognize.  As I usually do when she's obviously trying to communicate something, I started trying to guess what she was saying with limited success.  Finally, I took her bink out of her mouth and asked her again what she wanted and she said, "Di-stus!"  And it struck me.  She was saying "Jesus."  So I said, "Do you want Mommy to sing Jesus Loves You?"  And she replied in a relieved sort of voice, "Yeah!"  Since then she has alternated calling it "Di-stus" or "Bi-bee" (which, through my brilliant powers of deduction, I figured out was "Bible").  It's pretty much the cutest thing that's ever happened to me. I love to think that the Truth about who she is is seeping into her little heart and mind even now.  She is already starting to love the name of Jesus and request that his name be sung over her.  Ooooh, it just makes my mommy heart glad!

One more thing.  Because Lila isn't feeling great, she's been a really picky eater.  Pretty much all she's eaten in the last three days is yogurt and applesauce (should have clued me in to the strep throat thing).  Tonight, however, her daddy convinced her to broaden her horizons and she added blackberries to her list of palatable foods.  This was the result:
good thing the girl likes baths.


Annabelle said...

Aw! Poor Lila! I hope she feels better soon! And that stuff about Di-stus and Bi-bee couldn't be any cuter! :)

Jami Nato said...

oh dang...poor thing. hang in there!

Katy said...

I am sorry she is sick again, I know what you are going through though, believe me. I love, love the Di-stus and bi-bee thing too, that is soo cute and so like your daughter. I am sure you are so overwhelmed with emotions with her new words. Jesus loves Lila!