Friday, May 27, 2011

Three things

1. So Lila recently discovered the pack 'n' play that Baby Ruby sleeps in.  For some reason she thinks it's great fun.  She evidently hasn't made the connection that it's the same contraption she considers a cage of torture when I try to make her nap in it at school.  She played in it for 45 minutes today.  Which is great news for me because I can actually get things done with her contained (although you'd never know it if you saw the messiness that has descended on my house).  At one point I was cleaning up her lunch and I heard a small voice behind me say, "Bee!"  Bee is how Lila says boo!  I know, it's way cute.  Anyway, I heard a little voice say, "Bee!" and I turned around to see this:
can you say, "wedding slideshow?"
2. After her nap, I gave Lila a snack - crackers and hummus.  I left her alone for a few minutes so I could dry my hair and this is what I came back to:
apparently she decided to forego the cracker and opted to turn hummus into a finger food

3. And finally, we came across some garage sale stickers today to Lila's delight.  With this result:
Mommy for sale: $6.75


Jessica Blake said...

my favorite is the hummus pic on the bottom right. o.m.goodness.
she's just the cutest.

kerri said...

how hilarious is that picture in the pack n play? so funny!!! i'm going to go look at it again. ;)

LA said...

Bahaha!! That doesn't even look like Lila in the pack &play. Hilarious. And yes wedding slide show for sure.

Caley and Patrick said...

I know this age is a new kind of exhausting but I can't wait until Blake is old enough to give me some great pictures like these!