Thursday, June 2, 2011

Strep: 3 Us: 0

Just in case you all were wondering, here is the final tally of our ailments:

Lila: Strep, Scarlet Fever and Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease
Eric: Strep, HFMD
Me: Strep

That's right - we like to do things as a family so we joined the family Amoxicillin Train.  And, yes, it turns out Lila won the sickness lottery with the trifecta of Strep, Scarlet Fever and HFMD.  We confirmed the HFMD when the Husband started noticing blisters on his hands and feet.  When I asked him if he had any on his mouth, he said, "No.  Just a cold sore."  Um, sorry Husband, that's no cold sore.  Poor immunosupressed husband.  I definitely made out the best because I opted for the strep test before my symptoms really kicked in so I never really felt that horrible.  Thank you Alexander Fleming.  I may just name my next child after you.

Now that we all have antibiotics in us, we're finally feeling better.  Whenever Lila is sick, she becomes such a little grumpus.  Every little injustice is tantrum-worthy.
And the longer she's sick, the more I start to think that this is just the way she is.  I forget how fun and happy and sweet she is when she's well.  So it's always such a delight when she's back to her usual happy self.  And doing really cute things like this:

The month of May was just plain unpleasant from beginning to end with too much on our schedules, sick babies, sick mommy and daddy, tornadoes and other party-killing events.  Needless to say, we were happy to say "Hello June!" and "Bye-bye, May!" Or as Lila says, "Bye-bee!"

...or not!


Katy said...

Oh goodness gracious, what a cutie pie! I am so sorry you all are sick again. I hope you are getting better now! Poor Lila and Eric, glad you got the least of it since mommies are usually the ones who still do all the work even when they are sick! Miss you, katy

Annabelle said...

she is the cutest! thanks for my 'hafee yeah-yeah' yesterday. :)

Caley and Patrick said...

I think CiCi and Franny talk because CiCi thinks that she needs to be in every camera shot as well.

Heather Berry said...

So sorry to hear about your illness! You should try our pediatrician... Noah was having endless rounds of infections/antibiotics before we tried Dr. Suzanne Rowden. She suggested several homeopathic and herbal supplements that have not only cleared up his 3 month sinus infection, but have kept him from getting sick since then (even with repeated exposures)! I was super impressed with her and her knowledge of natural stuff, and she didn't even know I was into that! She's right here at SM, too, so it's convenient.