Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When it rains it pours!

That's right!  After 135 posts NOT about poop (well, at least human poop), I now bring you the second post in a row about poop.  Rest assured, this one lacks the disgusting pictures, so you're fine if you're reading this around mealtime.

This poop story is a newsflash of sorts.  Breaking news!  This just in!

Lila pooped on the potty!! 

Hooray!  Three cheers for Lila!  Hip-hip-HOORAY!  Hip-hip-HOORAY!  Hip-hip-HOORAY!  And, one little sniffle for Lila's Mommy because how old is my Baby Girl that she's pooping on the potty!?  *Sniffle* 

She's been curious about the potty recently so today I got out the potty seat that someone gave us and asked if she wanted sit on it.  Which she did.  With great excitement, but no "product."  Then, a few hours later, she pointed to the potty and said, "A-gah?"  (For those of you who don't speak Toddler-ese, that's "again?")  So I plopped her up there again, and again no potty.  Not that I was surprised.  She's only 18 months and I wasn't expecting her to be ready yet.  

Then tonight she was you know, breaking wind...cutting the cheese...stepping on a know...(tooting) so I asked her if she wanted to go sit on the potty.  "Yesh."  So we tried again, but this time when I said, "Do you have to poop?"  She grunted in response.  I enthusiastically encouraged her and soon I heard a distinctive *plop* (too much information?) and I just about did a jig in excitement.  (These are the things that get you worked up when you're a parent.)  Yay!  Lila pooped in the potty!  Lila pooped in the potty!  And of course I had Eric take pictures to document the event.
Action shot.
No, no, Lila you can't get down yet!  Mommy's  documenting!
 I'm sure she's not really ready to potty train.  I think this was just a happy accident.  Hey a poop in the potty is one poop I won't have to rinse or dump from a diaper (and risk misplacing)!  I'm sure when we're really ready to potty train we'll have lots of not-so-happy accidents to tell you about.  I fear this blog is about to get a lot poopier.  I'll try to control myself.


Jessica Blake said...

that's the cutest little on-the-pot-picture that has ever been taken! (aside from the one mom and dad have of a certain someone not only sitting on the pot, but showing off to the world the creation she made on the pot...NOT me. :))
i love that little potatoe.

Katy said...

SO cute, Good for Lila!! You never know she maybe ready. Tony has a girl in daycare that was potty trained completely at 20 months!