Monday, June 13, 2011

the writing on the wall

Well, it's happened.  That quintessential childhood offense.  Lila drew on the wall with crayon.  She was a little baffled by my strong negative reaction to her masterpiece.  I had never specifically told her to not draw on the walls.  I think she thought I would be impressed with her resourcefulness.  I was not.

Luckily I keep a box of Magic Erasers under the sink and it worked like a charm.  Ever since, she has taken to "washing" the walls with whatever she can find - a paper towel, a dish towel, her Snuggle.  Mostly she just rubs the walls with her cleaning item of choice and mutters "Oh, yi-ya" to herself.  I'm thinking about getting her a little broom and dustpan and putting her to work.  My own little Cinderella.  Except my version makes more messes than she cleans up.

I think that's about all I've got for now.  But just cuz I like you guys, here's a bonus for ya:
This was a result of another Nanny adventure

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Jessica Blake said...

Me: "Look at that little bottom!!
Kyle: "I want to squeese that little potatoe!"